Quarantined with Jordan Fisher

“I’m just me,” Jordan says of himself as he explains his quirkiness. “If you come over to my house, I’m probably going to have a UFC fight or anime on my TV. I might be listening to showtunes or I might be listening to Avenged Sevenfold. I’ll probably be wearing sweats and have a glass of whiskey, or a glass of wine.

Fisher kickstarted him music career with his self-titled EP debuting at #18 on the Billboard Heatseeker album chart which featured the Top 40 hit, “All About Us.” In March 2020, Jordan released the sultry visuals for his R&B single “Contact, produced by Dreamlab and Jarrad Rogers, which gives you a glimpse into Jordan’s life as he steps out on his own.

Creative Direction by Jordan Fisher

Early 2020, Jordan can be seen starring alongside Lana Condor and Noah Centineo as John Ambrose in “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” which is the classic story where the female lead (Lana Condor) is torn between two perfect suitors. Adding to his list of musical accomplishments, Fisher is also slated to appear in the Netflix dance comedy Work It with Sabrina Carpenter later this year.
Taking a dive into Jordan’s Instagram, his now fiancé, can be seen sporting a beautiful engagement ring in a “She said yes” photo. Although COVID-19 is to blame for postponed plans of getting hitched, Fisher seems hopeful that it won’t stop him from marrying the girl of his dreams.
Although COVID-19 has had a devastating impact globally, Jordan expands on how he has been coping and if he’s had to make any changes to adapt with the “new normal.”

Creative Direction by Jordan Fisher

“I’m actually very fortunate…” He is holding onto his gratitude for everything he still has and will be able to look forward to in the future. “The gaming industry keeps me remarkably busy. The fact that I have such a great team, is such a blessing.”

He continues, describing his Broadway debacle brought on by COVID-19, “What happened for me, personally, you know, I was working on ‘Evan Hansen,’ on Broadway… I woke up Thursday, streamed a little bit in the morning, was getting ready to go to a vocal session before I went to the theater to do the Thursday night show and I was literally on my way to my car when I got a text message saying Broadway was shut down that evening by 5pm.”

Jordan has been openly supportive of causes he believes in. In an Instagram post, Fisher delves into his stance on what’s happening in the world and the Black Lives Matter movement. “I am going to be totally honest… I have played it safe and not entered into the conversation on public issues. I can no longer stay silent or I then become part of the oppression and the problem. I hear you. I see you. I am holding myself accountable today as all of us should. As one of the lucky ones that still has breath in my lungs, I’m gonna use it to BE LOUD.” 

Creative Direction by Jordan Fisher

Jordan gets serious for a moment, taking a break from his suave and goofy side, to talk about key issues he feels should be more openly discussed, mental health. When asked what he relates to most, when it comes to his role in Dear Evan Hansen, Jordan quickly responds, “My own experiences with anxiety and depression.” He feels his character deals with his issues in a very human way. “I believe there’s a little bit of Evan in absolutely everybody. Watching the show, you’ll see him go through some of his highest highs and his lowest lows.”

Regarding what mentaland physical preparations go into performing and mastering each character and performance, Jordan tells us it’s “different for every show. Like when you’re going into a Broadway show that has been running, there’s a very specific process. You’re pretty much learning the show, for the most part, on your own. You have 4-5 weeks to learn a track for a show and you have dates where it’s you rehearsing with the associate director. You have dates where it’s you rehearsing with an associate music director. Dates where it’s you rehearsing with some upper-studies, from time to time, or some covers, from time to time. Then eventually you start running through the thing with some covers, standbys, understudies, and eventually you do a put in, which is you doing the show, on-stage, with nobody in the audience, except for the people that you’re doing it with every night. Then it’s your turn. You get just kinda thrown into just doing it and just go for it.”
For those of you wondering when we can expect a full-length album from this talented artist, don’t hold your breath… “Anytime soon, no, not necessarily. I’m not in the zone of trying to put an album together. I’m just writing and releasing songs.”


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