Andrekza Wants to Represent All “Latina Sisters” With Debut Album ‘Cassette’

Venezuelan artist on the rise Andrekza has released her highly anticipated debut album Cassette via Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak En Fuego. Although Andrekza is the first Latina woman to join the label, she admits she was afraid of creating new music because she had never done it before. “One day, I just woke up and thought to myself… either I do the album now or never,” said Andrekza.

Andrekza developed a connection to arts and creativity from a young age, which led her to express her feelings through music. The album has 15 tracks, and each track tells a story. “I want this album to represent the different stages of my life that have shaped me into who I am today,” said Andrekza. It was important for her to be vulnerable in this album. “I really wanted my fans to get to know me and my personality better,” she said.

The focus track “Mil curitas” was produced by famed producer Albert Hype and talks about toxic relationships. “This song tells a story of getting over a relationship that may not be good for you. It’s about finding the power to put yourself first and understanding our worth,” she said.

As if the album wasn’t enough hard work, Andrekza also released a visual for each song. “Each visual is a glimpse into my imaginary world,” she said. Since Andrekza wanted to make sure the visuals represented precisely what was going through her mind, she created and edited each visual.

Creating the album was a learning experience for Andrekza, and she truly enjoyed every minute of it. “We had so much fun recording in Miami,” she said. She even remembers how easy it was to create Track #8, ‘Sangre Poderosa.’ “I remember feeling so empowered and happy in that moment. This song is meant to represent me and all of my Latina sisters,” she said.

Although the album has 15 tracks, Andrekza had about 60 songs recorded. “You guys are only hearing 15 songs but we had like 80 studio sessions and tons of songs ready for this album,” she said. Despite having a hard time narrowing the final songs, Andrekza is glad she recorded so much and looks forward to releasing more new music.

Andrekza’s goal with this album is for her fans to feel limitless. “I really want them to feel like they can do anything and everything… because they can.”


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