Anjali Bhimani Speaks on “Modern Family” and “SWAT”

Anjali Bhimani is one of those very versatile performers who surprises people when they realize she’s been seen – and heard – in all sorts of favorite television shows, movies and even video games.

From an ongoing character in “Modern Family” to “SWAT” to the voice of characters in top games, audiences can’t get enough of Anjali Bhimani.

And that’s perfect for Anjali Bhimani who especially loves the storytelling part of the acting profession. Not just playing roles in front of the camera or in the recording booth, two things she does well, but  helping communicate ideas and entertain society.

Photographer by Kelly Balch

She’s had some of these interests at an early age. Growing up, she loved tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, where players create characters and have adventures together. Although the games typically follow a basic storyline, players are free to make various choices and strategies.

Anjali Bhimani compares this approach to the entertainment world, almost like improv.  She tries to bring special personal elements into any performance to help make better connections with the viewer. This can be done non-verbally, like a gesture at just the right moment. Or it can be conveyed by her tone while recording voice over audio for a video game.

Gamers may recognize her voice from Fallout 4, Apex Legends and Symmetra in Overwatch.

Photographer by Kelly Balch

TV fans may know as her Nina Patel in Modern Family, but she’s been on everything from NCIS: Los Angeles, Law and Order: SVU and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

She also created her own webseries “I am Fun Size” on YouTube where she tells her own stories and interviews others about what they do to live life in bigger ways.

When she’s off-camera, she never slows down – she was a regular guest at cons and has been involved in charity efforts. Like most of Hollywood and beyond, Anjali Bhimani is looking forward to a resumption of the film industry, although she has used a lot of her COVID-19 downtime to upgrade her cooking skills.


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