Actress Amanda Payton Talks Peacock TV’s “Code 404” and NBC’s “Trial & Error”

You may know the actress Amanda Payton from her roles in the popular movies Beginners and The Perfect Host  or perhaps even the hit TV series Numb3rs and Trial & Error. We caught up with the talented actress to see what she has been doing this year and to learn about the exciting projects she is currently involved in.

Courtesy of Portrait PR/Mia Hansen

What was it like shooting in a different country in a cast where you are the only American? “It was a dream come true!  I love working and I love exploring new countries, so this was the best of both worlds.  Being the only American was very fun and we had some humorous misunderstandings due to the language differences, the funniest of which being “fanny.”  In America, a “fanny” is an innocent way of referring to someone’s backside.  Suffice it to say that is NOT the case in Britain.  It is a not so innocent way of referring to a completely different body part.”

Can you tell us a little bit more about the show Code 404 and how your character, Dr. Alison Parfit, fits into the story? “Code 404 is set in the “near future.”  It revolves around two crime fighting detectives, one of whom is gunned down in the line of duty in the first ten minutes of the first episode.  My character, Dr. Parfit, is a computer genius who moved from the Silicon Valley tech world to London to head up the ground-breaking venture of saving his life by turning him into a robot-human hybrid.  She is responsible for maintaining and improving his artificial intelligence, which proves to be quite challenging.”

Are there any new habits or skills you have picked up during this crazy time in our world? Something you always wanted to try or do that you didn’t have time for before? “Russian!  I am learning Russian!  At the beginning of the stay-at-home order, I figured I would just pick up a few phrases in the two weeks I anticipated it lasting.  But I have practiced EVERYDAY since.  As of today, it has been 204 days.  I have also done a lot of meditating, caught up on every television show and documentary, and turned my dog into a completely spoiled brat.”

Photography by Kelsi Koziol

 Code 404 and Trial & Error were both comedies. Are you itching to get into some more dramatic work? “Yeah, I would like to do some drama next!  I am drawn more to characters than genres.  If the character has an interesting story with a thread of truth that I can latch onto, I am interested in exploring it.  I became an actor partly because I want to be, do, and explore everything in every genre.”

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us? “Well, Code 404 got picked up for a second season, so there’s that to look forward to next year.  There are a few other projects in the works that I can’t talk about just yet.  Hopefully soon!”

 What do you attribute your success to? “Tenacity!  I don’t give up.  If you tell me it’s going to be difficult or that I won’t be able to do it, I work even harder.  I have always loved acting and I have always wanted to be an actor.  As long as that remains the case, I will keep chipping away at it.  I figure the only way to fail is to quit.”

Do you have a dream role that you are working towards? What is your ultimate career goal? “I have so many dream roles and so many dreams I am striving for, and they are always changing.  That’s the thing about dreams and goals.  Every time you reach one you have to dream up a new one.  I became an actor because I wanted to help people feel less alone, show humanity in its seriousness, in its silliness, and in its inconsistencies.  Ultimately, I would just like to leave the world in a better state than I was born into.”

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