Barbara Doza: Venezuelan Rising Star Joins Elegance And Mischief In Debut Ep Malandra

Barbara Doza has marked the beginning of her music career with the release of her debut EP Malandra, a project that captures her essence and artistic versatility. This album proves her as a well-rounded artist with an innovative style, powerful vocals, and an electrifying energy. She has introduced herself as what she calls “a musical chameleon.”

Doza is a Venezuelan singer and songwriter based in Miami who constantly explores an opportunity to channel her roots in the music she creates. The term and title of her album, “Malandra,” has often drawn a negative connotation, but Doza says growing up in Venezuela it became a part of her culture and has therefore opted for the version of the word she says means “attitude, a lifestyle, power, resilience, strength, and determination. “Una mujer malandra” represents a woman who can overcome the darkness that has invaded her life and turn it into light. It means embracing the difficult times and transforming them into something positive.

Her undoubted ability to adapt to a wide range of genres culminated in a project that mixes dance-pop to afro-beats and hip-pop to 80’s disco all in one. The EP includes six tracks, including “Papi,” “Japon” and “Get Down” featuring Venezuelan band Rawayana. This song reached the Top 5 on Venezuela’s Top 100 – Record Report soon after its release.

In “Papi” the audience can enjoy a reggaeton inspired melody, while “Japon” provides a lot of energy in the drums and piano, making you want to grab your bags and travel to Japan. It’s almost impossible not to move your shoulders when “Get Down” comes on and extremely easy to get lost in the lively disco groove of “Delito.” The sweet rhythm of “Normale” is a refreshing take on a mischievous mood and the beat in “Lloro” is exhilarating.

For this EP, Doza worked alongside GRAMMY award-winning producer Yeti Beats, recognized for his work with Doja Cat, and she says this is only the beginning of their journey. To work with him was an idea that would’ve never crossed her mind but now that she looks back, she says they were both on separate roads that were meant to merge sooner or later.

Their story together goes back a few years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Doza fell in love with Doja Cat’s work. For the first time in a long while she was completely attached to another artist’s music. She remembers being at the gym while playing Doja Cat’s music and feeling inspired. Doja Cat had become a point of reference for her. One day, out of the blue, she says a text message popped into her phone: “I have a friend that wants to meet you,” it read. One of her friends had shown Yeti Beats the only song she had on her YouTube account, and he was left eager for more. He was captivated by her talent and trend-setting image.

She vividly remembers praying to find the right team to work with and one month later, there she was, recording a session with Yeti Beats. He was searching for a Latin artist to work with, and she was searching for a group of people with the same vision as hers, so when they found each other, they knew there was no going back. Yeti Beats became widely involved in her growth as an artist and she quickly became a priority for him. There was a musical chemistry that couldn’t be contained, leading to an impressive collection of releases.

But aside from marking her debut in the Latin music industry, this album also allowed her to explore other artistic capabilities within her. It was her first time acting as a creative director where she oversaw various aspects of the process such as the album’s visualizers. It was also her first time as a designer, in fact, the outfit appreciated on the cover of her album is her own design.

With this album Doza hopes to redefine the standards of Latin music and break the chains of criticism that surround certain aspects. With her vibrant, carefree and, in some cases, naughty lyrics, she wants to shine a light on gender equality. Why can’t a woman flirt with a man? Why should a woman hold back when she wants to speak her mind? Why should a woman be judged for speaking in a certain way? These are the limitations she wishes the world can leave behind and hopes her music can have a positive impact on those who will listen.

Doza worked with influential producers and songwriters who she says helped bring her project to life, including Carter Lang, Andrés Story, and Kurtis Mackenzie.

She is thankful for her family’s support and acceptance of who she is. Her authenticity, she says, is what makes Barbara Doza the artist that she is today.


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