Dani Ribba Talks New Single ‘Otra Noche,’ Representing Argentina & More

Known as “Dani” onstage, this rapper is one of Argentina’s most valued artists. Having over one million Instagram followers seems to attest to that. Don’t count Sony Latin’s Dani Ribba as just another handsome face. He is active in his career. He has worked in a studio so much that he’s at home with all the equipment.

To top everything off, being born on August 6th, 1999, makes Dani only twenty-one years old, barely old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the United States of America! It’s fascinating to know how grounded and dedicated Dani is to his career at such a young age.

Dani has created his presence over his work and cascades it through Argentina like a brightly burning flame. Dani’s musical inclination seemingly originates from the multi-genre, multi-essence of Argentina’s vast musical background. One might hear anything from tango to folklore on any given street.

Although representing an entire city or country may be a broad task most of us are terrified to even think of, Dani seems to be up for the challenge and knows he can carry his beloved home to the top.

Obtaining high amounts of passion from his country and his culture, Dani stands out from the rest by being constantly genuine. Always on the move career-wise creates an opening for less than acceptable behavior, but Dani seems to stay the course and maintain the better side of hectic. Constantly looking to better himself, not only as an artist but as an individual, Dani continues to keep on the up and up.

He sets a high standard for himself and continues to surpass his goals farther and farther every day.

Having released a few singles already, Dani is prepared to release the newest track, “Otra Noche,” in early September of this year. For those English speakers suffering from that language barrier, “Otra Noche” means “another night.” Very tight-lipped about many details, Dani left us with the mystery and the desire to know more.

To get insight on the release of the single that is known, along with the video, watch Dani’s YouTube channel for sneak peeks and updates. “Otra Noche” is scheduled to be released, specifically on September 2nd, 2021. Make sure to check that out and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any new content.


This is your cover story interview for Contrast Man. To you, what does it take to be a real man? For me, a real man is a person who takes responsibility and lives life with self-assurance. However, a real man also has the ability to recognize his mistakes and correct them.

In 2017, you released ‘21334.’ Tell me how you’ve grown as an artist since then. The truth is that I grew a lot, that was my first time in a recording studio, compared to that time when we were beginners making music, I traveled a path of many years to feel comfortable by using  the tools that the studio gives you. Now I have much more fun in the studio and I feel calm at the time I need to record.

Tell me about your new single ‘Otra Noche” and the creative process behind making it. The song was born in a music camp that we did on the outside of the city of Buenos Aires at the end of 2020. The original idea came from the first moment with the desire to express a feeling of a situation that had lived recently, then the idea remained stand by, and when I listened to it again, those feelings came back without wanting to and it worked perfectly and became this incredible song that awakens a special sensitivity for me.

You were born in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Has Argentina influenced your music in any way? Yes, indirectly the diversity of musical genres that coexist in our country at a cultural level help to form you a musical ear.  It seems incredible to me the passionate way of making music throughout history has marked the lives of millions of people.


My country has different genres that are internationally recognized like: cumbia, tango, folklore or national rock, all of them has been generational phenomenon, something similar to what happens today with urban music.


What would you like your legacy to be? What do you want people to say about you after you’re gone? I would like my legacy to serve to promote future generations interested in developing in the arts in a genius way. Each one has a search in their art, in my case it was born out of the desire to express my deepest feelings. This helped me find a way to release feelings without questioning what others will say.


How does it feel to represent Argentina? The truth is that it is an honor to be represent my country at an international level, Obviously, it is a great responsibility, but I feel capable to represent my country and take it to the top.

Today we are several artists who are on the same page sharing our desire to continue making big steps globally and visiting places where no one of us thought about it.

What’s next for you?
Currently, I am focused on releasing my first album and being able to show you much more than my fans already know, I’m sure you they will love it.


The definition of contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? I believe that what makes me different from the rest is to be genuine in my way of going through life, always seeking to improve and balance the life of an artist with real life.



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