Bella Dose Makes Waves with New Single ‘Agua’ on ‘L-Pop’ Tour Kickoff

Bella Dose’s latest single, “Agua,” produced by Nitido en el Nintendo & Clayton Williamonce, is creating a buzz following the launch of their ‘L-Pop’ tour in the US, starting at The House of Blues in San Diego. Collaborating with Shakira for an Instagram post, where they recreated choreography to Shakira’s hit “Puntería,” added to the excitement. The Miami musicians revealed that they crafted “Agua” in just three hours before their San Francisco show, aiming for a lively blend of American and Latin culture with its Merengue and EDM fusion.

Bella Dose, comprising Brianna Leah Curiel, Melany Vanessa Rivera, Jennifer Hernandez, and Thais Rodriguez, stands out as the world’s first bilingual Latin girl-group. Singing, dancing, and writing in both English and Spanish, they embody a mix of Latin flavors from various countries. With roots in Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Chile, they’re ready to take on the music scene with their dynamic personalities and multicultural influences.

Listeners can enjoy “Agua” via International Hub Records / EMPIRE below!

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