Beck Pete Talks Self-Directed Music Video ‘Softie’ and The Power of Streaming

The name on the tip of everyone’s tongue comes in two powerful syllables, Beck Pete. A true artist, Beck Pete has made music that connects to the deepness of one’s soul. The alt-pop artist has recently released her music video to “Softie” that provides stunning visuals to the electrifying beat. She self-directed the video, providing the audience a glimpse into her life. At the end of the day, Beck Pete just wants her listeners to be able to dive into an insightful vibe, leaving their worries behind as she flows through their speakers.

Beck Pete has taken charge of the west coast with her many live performances. She recognizes the power digital streaming has had in modern times and is grateful it has enabled her to reach the world. Her single was recently used in the much talked about Netflix series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. Being selected was a sort of acknowledgement for Pete; her time to shine had finally come.

The singer wrote her hit “Softie” after her exploration into what self-love meant to her. She embraced an unapologetic energy when jotting down the lyrics – an ode to the long journey towards self-acceptance. Though “Softie” was self-directed, the musician is making her music the priority. This does not mean, however, that she won’t make appearances behind the camera. Pete lists her main inspiration as Patti Smith as she has an air of authenticity that Beck continuously shoots for. That aura of genuinity is a rarity in Hollywood that Beck Pete is looking to bring.

Pete released a preview of her upcoming visual for “Romantic” that is set to debut March 9th. The clip holds a retro feel as Pete poses stunningly in a vintage padded houndstooth jacket. It is part of her upcoming album “Scared Of Everything” – a complete compilation of her recent art. She hopes to take her performances to the east coast and soon, the world! Beck Pete can be followed on Instagram under @itsbeckpete.


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