BLVD. Releases World Cup Themed Album “Globo” Featuring Guaynaa, R.City, Dylan Fuentes & More

It’s been a great year for producer-on-the-rise BLVD. and with the release of his album “Globo” (via Purple Fly Records), the sky is the limit. With the FIFA World Cup happening right now, and throughout the next month, BLVD. has pulled in influences from the sport to showcase a “sonic journey full of dancefloor-friendly and pop-oriented tunes to rock on the field and off.” This album, from start to finish, is feel-good anthem collective meant to inspire and bring together the many different cultures within Latin-Carribean music.

I am releasing my second album titled “GLOBO” which is entirely focused on the upcoming football/soccer World Cup that will be held in Qatar this November. The inspiration behind the album dates back many years. I was born in London, England, and have had a massive passion for the sport from a very young age. I’ve always liked conceptualizing my projects around communal themes such as sports. The World Cup is something that happens once every four years, and there hasn’t really been a ‘World Cup’ album made by an artist before, so I decided to take on the grand challenge of creating one.”

The album kicks off with drums and the faint sound of a stadium crowd cheering in the background for the first track on the album 
“Barra Barra.” This track features the vocals of El Tuox and has clear Afro-Caribbean and Latin influences. The tracklist seamlessly transitions to the next banger “Yallah” featuring Rue Melo. This song is an anthem making you feel inspired; like you can accomplish anything. “Flag up, raise your hands up to the sun. I wanna bang on the drum. Flag up, let them know where you’re from.”

Up next on the album, we have Latin Grammy nominee Guayanaa for “Golear,” “Fell The Love” featuring R. City (who has written hits for The Pussycat Dolls, Sean Kingston, Usher and more), “Tiki Taki” featuring NEON16’s Dylan Fuentes, “No Hands” featuring Jackie’s Boy, “Take It Home” featuring Hadar Adora, “House Divided” featuring Otis Kane & A.I., and wrapping up the tracklist with “Giants” featuring Marquise Fair.

“It was an unbelievably difficult project, yet extremely fulfilling and emotional. I am blessed and grateful to have worked with so much talent from around the world to give the project what it deserves. The album has vast influences from different regions such as Latin America, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, & Asia. I hope that this album connects with you and the rest of the world, as it is immensely special to me!

You can hear the tracklist from this one of a kind album played at the stadiums throughout the FIFA World Cup tournament until December 18th. For more about BLVD.

Stream the complete album below and start dancing and smiling. 

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