TIDAL Rising Empowers Emerging Artists in Georgia with New Atlanta Focused Episodes

With the digital age already making headway, we have media platforms like TIDAL to thank for coming up with the innovative ways they’re offering rising artists to introduce their music to a new world or fans. One of these platforms is their TIDAL Rising program which is dedicated to uplifting artists on the rise in a documentary format.

In TIDAL Rising’s most recent installment of the in-app series, they focus on four talented artists hailing from Georgia’s music scene and culture. Up first in the 4-part episodic release, is Tom The Mail Man. While Tom isn’t actually from Atlanta, he shares how he has love and appreciation for the industry and culture that comes from Hot ‘Lanta. Coming from a more rural area outside of the city, Tom The Mail Man has seen both sides of the tracks, understanding the curse of a small town. “People think it’s just Atlanta that’s the hub of music. They think it’s Gunna. They think it’s Lil Baby. They’re killin’ shit too, but it’s other shit out here, just in Georgia,” says the TIDAL Rising artist. “Tom didn’t grow up in a big city. He didn’t have a vocal coach and the best equipment. I want to be an artist for those kids. The kids that didn’t grow up in the big fucking city.” Watch Tom The Mail Man’s full episode here.

Up next in the series, we are introduced to the indie “pool rock” band Lunar Vacation. The band, comprised of five members, pulls in inspiration from pop artists like R.E.M., The B-52s and more music from their childhood. Whether they’re playing drums, writing lyrics or singing, the band works together to reach new heights. “When we started playing shows, I was just emailing every venue, like, we have one demo on Soundcloud. Can you please have us open for anyone?” It was that dedication alone that has contributed to the band’s growing name. Watch Lunar Vacation’s full episode here.

“I felt like I knew I had something to share,” says TIDAL Rising artist Sakura. “I remember asking my parents, ‘Mom, dad, can I have a guitar? I was so eager to make music.” Having a Japanese mother who wanted to get her a Japanese named, she was named after the cherry blossom, Sakura. Directing her own music videos is something she holds dear, due to her love for creative visuals and music. There’s a famous cherry tree Usuzumi Zakura, found in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture over 1,500 years old. Just like the cherry tree, Sakura’s passion to create music will not be stopped. Watch Sakura’s full episode here.

Lastly in the Rising series, but never least, we have rapper SwayVay. With lyrics and flows that draw inspiration from Kendrick Lamar, you can tell the Atlanta rapper has a mind for the way lyrics make the listener feel. Still in the early stages of his career, SwayVay has already worked with names like JID, Cordae, James Blake and even securing a feature on the soundtrack for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. “This foundation we built was made for us to be self-sefficient, to do everything outselves. We still have that mentality.” Watch SwayVay’s full episode here.


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