Bobby Newberry Talks ‘Nostalgia,’ Legacy and Focusing on the Positive

Bobby Newberry, the current man-for-all-seasons, has wowed the masses again by releasing a single that will bring you back to the “good ole days.” His song titled “Nostalgia” is a whimsical take on a good time, hard-forgotten feeling. The video is set on a beautiful beach. It includes the occasional hot tub and a spicy poolside cabana lounger. It also stars a very sun-kissed Bobby, alongside Liane V. Enjoy this laid-back song with some friends, a cold drink, and the hot sun! 

Bobby is widely known to be a compelling triple threat; singer, dancer, and choreographer. While he’s got an exceptional professional record, Bobby also has an alluring human flare about him like no other. When asked what positive conclusion he can draw from the horrors of the year 2020, one of Bobby’s replies included never taking things for granted, “even hugging people.” They say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and that seems to ring more accurately this year than in previous years. 

Photography by Jonathan Ivan
Hair and Makeup by Natalie Wetheim

Bobby is bursting at the seams with positivity and personality. Growing up in an underprivileged home failed to dampen Bobby’s shine. Early on, he realized that he had a passion for music and has pursued his career hard ever since. The future seems very bright for Bobby, and it’s safe to say that the year 2021 will bring amazing things with Bobby’s name attached. 

On playing a role in today’s cultural adjustment: “As a gay male who’s recently married I’ve always stood for equality and unity and I believe art and music are a safe place for everyone.  If I can inspire one person to feel confident enough to be their authentic selves then I’m doing something right.”

On the latest single “Nostalgia” featuring Liane V: “Nostalgia was such a special video [and] record for me.   I got to collaborate with one of my best friends Liane V and try and focus on brighter times and hopefully make people feel good.”

On Bobbys dream collaboration: “I would LOVE to work with black coffee. I’m obsessed.”

On his legacy: “I would like my legacy to be that I am authentic and that I’ve always been true to myself. Music to me is everything. It’s an escape; it’s an outlet it makes people feel things.   So I hope I am able to do that for people.”

On Bobby’s debut album: “You can expect to dance, sing along, and maybe cry… I’m about 80% done and I can’t wait to share it.”

Photography by Jonathan Ivan
Hair and Makeup by Natalie Wetheim

On what we can we expect in the near future: “You can expect my albums to be released, I’m planning to tour, and hopefully headline a few Pride festivals if they happen; which I am praying they do.”

On the positive that’s come out of 2020:
“This year has definitely shown me how beautiful life is and how blessed I am. I have missed so much this year… traveling, performing, interacting [and] meeting people at shows. I will never take that for granted again. Even hugging people. I miss that so much.

Interview by Matt Dillon


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