Bodine Talks ‘Estar Aqui,’ Aliens and How She Gets Inspired

“It was such a great dynamic moment in the studio because the concept came so quick to the table.” Bodine says of her latest song, “Estar Aqui,” or “be here” in English. This track proves to be a simple, yet important reminder to pay attention to what’s happening around you and try not to get caught up in things that may try to steal attention. “Be here,” be present, and be in the now. Writing such an influential song must have been a difficult task, but Bodine did well. “It was really cool to write that song.”

She says when asked about the creative processes behind the song. Bodine tells Contrast, “Visually, I always knew that I wanted to bring something different to the table.” She furthers with, “I wanted to do something completely different from the industry, something out of the box.” Considering how well the song is doing currently, we believe Bodine has achieved her goal. When asked about the theme of her song and what it means to her and her creative influence, “What new better thing than aliens… unicorns and dragons. Let’s put it that way.”

Watching the video may lead to wondering what the inspiration was behind such an innovative concept. “It’s a combination of things,” Bodine says of her video. She talks about the alien viral craze on TikTok and states TikTok plays a small part in her inspirations. Bodine also includes the vast advancements in technology and AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities.

The advancements of today’s age coupled with the thought we may not be alone in the universe may leave even the soundest individual unnerved. With all the talk of aliens, Bodine mentions “going to Mars” and how all the space advancements and advancements in technology are things that spark the interest of many. “It’s intriguing a lot of people.” She says and continues with, “More and more people are saying we’re not alone on this planet.” She may be correct, with the crazy advancements humans have made in the last few thousand years, who’s to say that there isn’t someone or something else out there?

Leaving the alien notion behind in conversation, Bodine shifts her remarks to how her fashion background was a huge help in the inspiration behind the costume for her video. Not only is her outfit a little sexy, a little spooky, and a little out there, it provides a mystical aspect to further the intentions behind the video. Her outfit gets you thinking about what lies beyond where the human eye cannot see. Long nails and pointy ears give Bodine that alien look and provide the viewer with a peek into the mind of “Bodine!”

Bodine was born in Amsterdam and lived there until she was ten years old. Her family decided around the time she was 11 to move to Puerto Rico. Bodine spent another ten years residing in the beautiful Latin country. Having spent half of her life in both places, she finds living in both areas has truly helped to inspire her musical talents. Bodine tells Contrast, “Puerto Rico, it’s a small island, but it’s huge with a lot of things. Definitely in music. Puerto Rico dominates the Urban, Latin, Reggaeton market. We have incredible songwriters. Incredible producers. Incredible artists. It’s just infinity, you know?” Bodine also comments on the other half of her musical side, “Also, I would say in Holland, it’s also very influential. It’s also a very small country, but musically we have incredible producers, songwriters, and artists as well.”

The age-old question, what would you like to be remembered for in 100 years? Bodine’s response will not leave you disappointed. “I definitely would love to be an inspiration if I get to be who I want to be and keep doing it.” She explains further, “Really, it’s more to be on that mood board.” The desire to make a lasting impression on the up-and-coming artists is alive and well in Bodine. She explains what she means in detail by stating, “Okay I’m on the mood board of this new talent’s music video or I’m on the mood board of this young girl that wants to find what colors I’m proposing in music.” Bodine just wishes to be remembered for all her effort and the desire to produce “an exceptional body of work.”

We can expect to hear more from Bodine within the next few months to a year. “I have a couple of singles coming out after this one. I have some hot collabs.” She informs Contrast. We can also expect “an EP at the end of the year or beginning of the year.”

Since her first single was released in October of 2019, just before the pandemic, Bodine gives us the inside scoop on how everything has made her grow as an artist. “That first single was actually a turning point, in a way, because it went viral. It did very well.” With people spending more time at home, this gave Bodine and others like her an opportunity. The more people stayed home, the more music they could discover.

It seems as though tons of people have discovered Bodine and it’s safe to say they will be continued fans. “I have no doubt that this is for me. Putting my ego aside, of course.” Bodine says of her continued musical success. “During COVID it was a positive thing, although it really sucked. COVID sucks, I can’t say anything else.” Although COVID was a horrific event, a few good things rose from the ash. Bodine herself can be considered one of these COVID phoenixes.

Contrast asks each of its interviewees, what makes you strikingly different? Bodine’s answer is nothing short of “strikingly different.” She tells Contrast, “I think definitely what we talked about first, that I’m getting inspiration from both worlds culturally from Holland and Puerto Rico.” Bodine also shares her attempt to attain a different aesthetic. To head straight out of normal and produce something “surprising, different, and unique.” Sounding as though she has lived some hardships in this area, Bodine adds “I’m never going to be afraid to make you uncomfortable and tell you real things in real life because I feel like girls today get really controlled…” Speaking out against any kind of unfair control is an A+ objective.


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