Snow Tha Product Talks Red Bull’s ‘Batalla’ Rap Battle and What Makes Her Strikingly Different

The rap industry is a dog-eat-dog world. It’s a place that requires a combination of talent, pose, and sheer will. And being at the top of the food chain requires all of these and more. Snow Tha Product, one of the headliners in the game, has proved to be the cream of the crop. The rap goddess will cement her name in the rap hall of fame through her versatility and authenticity. Recently, Snow Tha Product met up with Contrast Magazine to share some exclusive insight into her life, and her recent collaboration with Red Bull on the annual Batalla event!

Snow Tha Product draws inspiration from her roots. As a child, Snow performed the mariachi at events and birthdays, and little by little, this grew on her. “I didn’t realize how much mariachi had influenced me until, one day, my father reminded me about the songs we made when I was little. This made me realize my identity. Who you all know me as, is who I was at age 5, doing mariachi songs. The songs inspired me to be strong and to always reach for my goals as a Mexican,” Snow Tha Product reveals, as she spoke about instilling her Mexican identity into her music.

This urge to share her roots with the world brought her major recognition and love from millions around the world. Major brands have also acknowledged her vision; we can see this from her recent collaboration with Red Bull on their annual “Batalla,” the world’s largest Spanish freestyle rap- where she was appointed as a judge.

She views freestyle as a critical element for the growth of new talent in the industry and is also overjoyed that Red Bull has created a platform for young stars to showcase their talent. She is also honored to help critique a new generation of rising stars.

Snow Tha Product is an embodiment of sublime musical talent, and no one in the industry has been able to replicate her aura. One thing to note is that although she was heavily influenced by mariachi, Snow absorbed musical styles from great musical talents in the 90s, such as Missy Elliot and Lauren Hill.

“Growing up, I was like a sponge, I loved learning about everything I came across. This also applied to my music. Watching their engaging performances helped my melody as an artist. I love how authentic and different they are. This has helped to shape me in more ways than I could ever imagine,” Snow Tha Product says.

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different”. What makes you
strikingly different? “I would say my identity and ethnicity. You may find an artist that is bilingual, a woman, or queer. I am all these things but what makes me different is my versatility. I am proud of that because being able to do all these has helped me to reinvent myself time after time. I’ve spent ten years in the industry and my fans are not bored. And even though I experience a lot of obstacles daily, I keep on pushing harder.

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