Sophia Scott is self-made, the songstress of YouTube, creating flawless cover after cover. She grew a following making incredible covers of Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” and many other talented musicians. Overtime, her contributions to music have stretched as far as providing vocals for Iggy Azalea’s “Sex on the Beach” and even opening for the Jonas Brothers. From these beginnings, she formed her own career and is ready to be known for her own genuine sound. Scott has recently come out with her own EP titled “One Of These Days”, a country album with a hint of pop and a splash of rock.

Making her start in Boulder, CO, San Diego, Los Angeles, and now Nashville has manufactured quite the wild ride for the entertainer. Landing softly, she quickly took to her phone and went to work on jotting down relatable lyrics that took self-reflection. She has admittedly gone through tough times, but notes that it is in those times when optimism must carry you through. It was through watching her parents struggle with a rocky marriage and her loved ones fight battles with addiction that she emerged an empowered woman. By her side, she has had an incredible team at her label, EMPIRE, that has also provided a solid foundation for her.

Over the course of her career, Sophia has racked up over 53 million streams and over 1 million monthly listeners. Sophia cites her “Love On the Brain” cover by Rihanna to be her best YouTube performance. It was not only a new genre for her, as she had yet to fully experience R&B but she is also a massive fan of the singer. She, however, has not forgotten the immense loyalty her fans have had when she started making music of her own. Their endless supply of support for her has truly kept her motivated past the point of making YouTube covers. Sophia can’t wait to give her loyal followers more music following her gripping performance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

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Scott hopes that her album “One Of These Days” will resonate with all who listen to the heartfelt tracks. Her dream is that a listener will be touched by one of the listed tracks such as “Side Effects”, “Don’t Tempt Me”, “Leather Skirt”, “Sweetheart”, “More Me”, or “One Of These Days” and use that to navigate themselves through their darkest days. June 12th, the singer will perform on stage at Spotify’s Fresh Finds stage at CMA Fest. The album is now available for download on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Follow the singer on her social media at @sophunky and watch videos of her live performances on YouTube!



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