Puerto Rican Artist Chesca Talks New Single “Tuturu,” Being Conservative and More.

Music runs in the blood of Puerto Rican artist Chesca. Her dad had a cover band that performed at bars and restaurants. After the band’s singer got sick, Chesca’s dad had her fill in for the night. “The night was such a success that he put me to be the permanent lead singer,” she said. Little Chesca had no idea that was going to be the start of her music career.

Today, Chesca has released her single “Tuturu.” Although the song has a fun, girly beat, that’s not how it was at first. “Originally, the song was reggaeton, but I wanted to step out a little bit from reggaeton and tap into this commercial, pop type of sound,” she said. She believes she’s at a stage in her career where she wants to show versatility.

Chesca is well known for her collaborations with Pitbull, Jon Z, and more. Although she would love to collaborate with more female artists, she admits it hasn’t been easy. “I’ve been asking a lot of females to collab, but I haven’t had that luck for them to be like – yes, let’s do it,” she said. Although that can be a bit frustrating, Chesca doesn’t mind waiting for the right time. “I don’t ever want to be in a situation where something feels forced. The best collaborations happen organically,” she said.

When asked what makes her strikingly different, Chesca responded, “my performance.” Chesca feels that when she’s on stage, it’s when she’s genuinely understood. “It’s easy to make a music video where everything is perfect, but I think the real test is when you can do it in front of an audience and capture their attention and connect with them,” she said.

When Chesca performs, she feels her ego is very high due to the wigs and makeup, but she always stays true to herself. “I’m very conservative. I’m not out there just twerking, although sometimes I wish I would.” Chesca doesn’t want the audience to focus on anything but her talent. “I give my heart and soul when I’m on stage, I rehearse for many hours and I just want people to appreciate that.” Regardless, Chesca makes it clear that she respects everyone’s different way of being.

Although she feels she is nowhere near where she wants to be, Chesca is proud of all she’s accomplished thus far. “Performing in Puerto Rico and opening up for Cali Bash proved to me that all those years of training are paying off,” she said. Overall, she’s working hard and is very excited for fans to see what’s to come!


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