Chris Crocker Opens Up About Deleting YouTube Channel, Talks ‘Leave Britney Alone’

Chris Crocker is no stranger to the media; with his recent headlines of whether he’s dating former child star, Aaron Carter, or “how did Chris Crocker get so hot?” We sat down with Crocker to discuss his recent single, “Haunts Me” and when asked why he deleted his popular YouTube channel, he had quite a lot to say.

“I deleted my YouTube channel because I feel like on a website where people can leave anonymous comments and they don’t have to have their face or their name, um, or be accountable or the things they say, but can be a really negative and toxic place. I just felt very under-appreciated there. Um, not just with the people; YouTube, as a whole, has never really embraced me. So, um, I just felt like ‘Okay, those were my younger years.’

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It’s kind of like, in a way, where child stars have to see their childhood all the time on replay? That’s how I felt with my YouTube channel. Because I started it when I was so young. There were a lot of things on there that I would never say at 28 years old. So, um.. and you know I’ve been doing this for 10 years, which is a long time on the internet when everything is just in the blink of an eye. So, I’m older and I just wanted to, ya know, move on.

I do get asked a lot, ‘Do you still have the videos? What happened?’ A lot of people tell me that was their childhood. You gotta understand. The people that followed me since 2006, they weren’t watching for Leave Britney Alone. They were watching for the hair flip, you name it. You know? So that, in a lot of ways, other people were more attached to those videos ‘cause it helped them come out in high school, or it made them feel like they weren’t weird. So, other people were more attached to it than me, so I do feel bad for them because of that.”

Check out Chris’s latest videos on his Facebook page and be sure to grab his “Food Before Dudes” shirt here.

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