Contrast Spotlight: Meet Actor Simeon Daise From CW’s ‘All American’ and ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ on Disney+

When it comes to acting, Simeon Daise has been practicing his craft since his childhood years in his beautiful hometown of Beaufort, SC, where he is set to be the first recipient of the Inaugural Rising Star Award at the Beaufort Film Festival next month.

Daise got his start in television at a young age when first appeared in his family’s Nickelodeon hit television show “Gullah Gullah Island” in the 90’s. Since then, the motivated Southern actor has focused on his career in front of the camera as well as roles as a screenwriter, director, and even a singer/songwriter!

From acting in hits including Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots;” BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story”; and CW’s “All American” to his directing debut and various writing credits – Simeon Daise definitely has what it takes to make a name for himself in a variety of entertainment industry professions.

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The motivated actor is excited about his future and talked candidly with us about his life, influences, and upcoming projects. Here’s the scoop.

Tell us a little about yourself, Simeon! “I’m a simple yet complex person. I was born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina. Growing up in a small town was interesting. It had its challenges, but I’m a Southern man to the core. I love sports, family, and all things Geechee!”

With getting such an early start on a big network such as Nickelodeon via their
educational series “Gullah Gullah Island,” what advantage do you think you have in
the acting game as opposed to someone who may have begun their acting career much later? “I didn’t know the impact working on “Gullah Gullah Island” would have on the world. I was just having fun going to work with my parents. Imagine being a toddler and being granted access to Universal Studios based on your face card!? I’m grounded now and I know the craft. I have a clearer vision of the career that I’m building and my legacy.

Photographer: Inari Briana Stylist: Kayla Bell PR: 13 Publicity

These days, it’s way easier to become famous without having credentials, so most people skip the work. Although I received accolades early on, I’ve dedicated myself to the craft. I relate when Franklin Saint said, “I built this, brick by brick.”

What inspired your passion for expanding on Afro-futurism? “My sister, Sara Makeba. She’s the one who introduced me to the concept. Through our conversations and her scholarly work I’ve realized how necessary Afro-futurism is for EVERYONE. In fact, Gullah Gullah Island was its own form of Afro-futurism.”

Photographer: Inari Briana
Stylist: Kayla Bell
PR: 13 Publicity

You wear many hats – director, screenwriter, actor, singer, and songwriter. Which of these do you like the most and why? “Honestly, I hate labels. I’m glad that “multi-hyphenates” are becoming a norm, because there are so many creatives who have multiple skill sets. If I had to choose a label it would be “master storyteller.” Ultimately, all those gifts/skills get used to tell great stories.”

What upcoming projects can your fans expect to see from you? “A few! Some, I’m contractually unable to mention. But… There’s definitely more “All American.” As well as the new “Cheaper By The Dozen Reboot” coming to Disney+. I’m also executive producing a documentary called “Saltwata Vibes” about Gullah Geechee Afro-futurism, and how millennials are reclaiming the culture. Then there’s a theater production I wrote called “Re-member” about the life of Trayvon Martin with an interesting perspective.”

Be on the lookout for all of Simeon’s upcoming appearances on TV and on the big screen… and be sure to follow him on social media here. Be sure to catch Simeon in the Disney+ reboot of ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ on March 18th!


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