Make It Rain: ‘Prop Movie Money’ Makes Realistic, High-Grade Bills for ‘F9,’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ ‘John Wick’ and More

Making it rain is easier when you don’t have to use actual costly bills that put you and your actors at risk; that is where Prop Movie Money comes into play. The company provides hit films and shows with cash readily available for use in their movies. Instead of frantically searching for a supplier of green dollar bills, they are able to use their faux cash instead. The company prides themselves on providing many companies with not only a supply, but also the convenience.

Movie sets are typically very busy and find the need to decrease the time spent on locating props for their blockbuster films. Thankfully, Prop Movie Money has been providing stacks of cash for over 10 years. They use the best quality as they regularly use professionals who specifically check the color grade. Prop Movie Money happily works around the demanding schedules directors and producers’ demand. Photographers also enjoy using their services for every iconic shot.

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Their high-grade machines print only the best cash, minimizing any glare or shine and introducing a waterproof barrier. Close ups are not a worry when using these prints because the details are prepared for HD and 8K resolutions. They even have custom designs that are created by their team of pro graphic designers per request. If you need additional color correction to your clips after the project, you can feel free to do so because the money is made for that purpose.

You can catch the props being used in big time series such as Ozark, John Wick, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Orange Is The New Black, Punisher, Narcos and more. The company regularly hosts giveaways that offer thousands of dollars in faux stacks for their followers to win at any time. They always make sure to make a post congratulating their winners for participating in the fun contest. Prop Movie Money can be followed on Instagram at simply, @propmoviemoney.


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