Could A New Frank Ocean Album Be Upon Us?

Just less than a year ago we were starving for new Frank Ocean material, analyzing every rumor and staring confusingly at him building a staircase? Is that what that was? Now, we can’t seem to get enough Frank Ocean music — not that we’re complaining though. In February, Ocean launched his ‘blonded RADIO’ show on Apple Music’s Beats Radio 1 and has been us it to premiere new music like “Chanel,” “Biking,” featuring JAY-Z and Tyler The Creator, and on the most recent episode, “Lens.” You can listen to the tracks below.

Could Ocean be teasing us with samplings from another upcoming LP? Could he be using ‘blonded RADIO’ as a testing ground for new music? Could these be b-sides from Blonde or the visual album, Endless that he just wants to get out there? They all sound like they would have fit perfectly on either. Or could it be just as simple as him wanting to get new music out as he makes it instead of waiting to put it on a full-length record? As evident with the release Blonde and Endless, Ocean seems to be an artist that lets the work come as it may and might take five years to release new music or five months, he really doesn’t seem to care. These are all questions that we, in true Frank Ocean fashion, may not get a direct and understandable answer to, but we’re intrigued nonetheless.


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