Could Sam Smith Have New Music Coming For The First Time Since 2015?

Sam Smith is known for numerous smash hits such as; Stay with Me, I’m Not the Only One, Lay Me Down, Latch, and more. However, since 2015 he has not released any new music.

Despite his long break from music Smith has been teasing fans on his twitter and Instagram with pictures of himself in the studio. This certainly makes it seem like we’ll be hearing something new from him soon.


Many people are wondering if his long break from music will have hurt him as an artist. But fear not, there are many other singers who have taken breaks from music and have come back stronger and even better than before.

Here are a few examples:

Ed Sheeran:

Ed Sheeran Performing


Ed Sheeran took a yearlong break from both music and social media only to come back and have much success with his album ‘Divide’. The album climbed the charts, while people all around the world expressed at how amazing it was.




Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus Performing ‘Malibu’ At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards


Recently Miley Cyrus released her first song since 2015. This song, which is titled ‘Malibu’ successfully climbed the charts and received a very positive response from the general public. Despite Miley’s break it appears that she is still a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.





Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber Performing on his Purpose Tour


In 2014 Justin Bieber announced he was taking a break from music. However, he promised his fans that he was set to return sometime in 2015. Bieber went above and beyond when keeping this promise when he released his album ‘Purpose’ in November of 2015. The album was instantly a hit and made it seem as though Bieber had never taken a break.




Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato Performing in February of 2017


Demi Lovato announced in October of 2016 that she would be taking a break from music. Just recently however she returned with her new hot single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. The song has been playing on radio stations around the world nonstop and has received very positive feedback from the general public. Even more recently Lovato released the music video for the single and proved to the world that her short break from music wasn’t going to affect her at all.




If all of these artists, and many more not even listed, can successfully come back after taking a break from the music industry, then it should be no problem for someone as talented as Sam Smith to do exactly the same.

Sydney Hajduk is a contributor to many sites and is also the Director of Social Media for Xtra Radio. She is also studying communications and journalism at the University of Rhode Island.


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