Reggaetonera It Girl Natti Natasha Talks New Music, Prince Royce And More

Article written by John A. Bonilla.

The most-watched artist Natti Natasha hits the ground running this year.

Releasing her most recent hit, “Antes Que Salga El Sol,” with fellow Dominican Singer Prince Royce, she sets the tone for the upcoming new album, which is to be released late spring this year. In a male-dominated genre, Natti always strives for space where women can be seen as equals. In this next era, she continues to defy norms by continuing to cement her place as one of the most influential and hottest female Latin acts.

Natti’s roots started in the Dominican Republic, a country with a robust, vibrant culture, particularly with music. She embraces it with open arms and carries a little piece of home wherever she goes. Natti is proud of where she came from and taps into her artistry background, bringing in the Caribbean touch inspired by reggae, dancehall, salsa, and bachata into a genre. Anything is possible. She brings that essence into her music style, giving her a unique angle in the Urbano Latino world. She shares this connection with another Dominican artist by Prince Royce, whom she admired from the moment they met.

Watching another artist from her country reach success was a motivator and also a standard to aspire to. Additionally, it is even a more significant challenge, as there were still many stigmas about females in this business. However, the feat does not intimidate her. Instead, she has risen to the occasion and intends to keep raising the bar as she has so far. Garnering multiple number one singles, multi-platinum certifications, and collectively over five billion views on YouTube, she has not only made achievements as a female, but she has also achieved great success as an artist overall.

Photography by Elastic People/Carlos Perez

Her trajectory to set to take off even further as she is getting ready to release her follow album to illumiNATTI in the upcoming months. To mark her musical rebirth, she has released the lead single “Antes Que Salga el Sol” featuring Prince Royce. The creation of the track was left in the hands of destiny as she had been persistent to collaborate with the one who inspired it all for her.

Although he had a cameo in her music video for “Sin Pijama” featuring Becky G, that was not the “it” moment. During the production, she envisioned his voice on the record and kept the thought alive. While they were both at the music video shoot for another single, she decided to trust her gut and pitch the track to him at the studio. He happily obliged and thus, the record was born. The single is already a highlight and continues to shine a bright light on Natti’s ability to showcase versatility in her work.

Natti Natasha’s versatility doesn’t just stop at her music as she also leaps the film industry. She executive produced the YouTube Originals series BRAVAS, out now. The premise is three female friends and aspiring artists chasing their dream for music and superstardom. Natti’s touch is present as she ignites the conversation of what women in entertainment undergo to reach their goals.

Photography by Elastic People/Carlos Perez

As is her commitment to her work, so is her dedication to her country. Natti was part of COVID-19 relief efforts lending her voice to “One World: Together At Home” and “Resistire.” In addition, she donated to the Pedro Martinez Foundation, an organization supporting families in the Dominican Republic and the last single focused on helping musicians’ families.

Set in her lane and willing to take risks, whether it lands or sticks, she is no quitter. It is the attitude of a leader that keeps her going. Natti embodies the message she places in her work by continuing to push boundaries and knock off stigmas like female equality in the world of entertainment. She’s talented, versatile and has made her presence very well known all across the globe. Natti has proven herself more than capable of sitting at the table with the best of them, but by the looks of it, she’ll have her own in no time.

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