Crash Adams Talks Upcoming EP ‘Crashing Into Your Living Room Vol. 1,’ ‘Give Me A Kiss’ and More

Interview by Michael D. Monroe.

Crash Adams, a dynamic pop duo hailing from Toronto, has carved a distinct niche in the music scene with their catchy melodies and distinctive approach to blending music with visual content. Their journey from the catchy debut “Give Me a Kiss” to the fresh sounds of “Somewhere in Vegas” reflects a matured artistry and an evolving creative process that resonates with a wide audience.

The duo, comprising singer Rafaele Massarelli (aka Crash) and guitarist Vince Sasso (aka Adams), have seen their music and storytelling skills flourish over time. They attribute this growth to a newfound confidence in their studio expression and a deliberate move away from overthinking, allowing them to push creative boundaries with authenticity.

Significant to their evolution has been the opportunity to collaborate with music industry luminaries like Justin Tranter, Dave Hodges, and The Futuristics. These experiences have imparted valuable lessons in simplicity and authenticity in songwriting, reinforcing the idea that the most compelling music stems from genuine expressions of emotion and experience.

One unforgettable experience shared by the duo was the global response to “Give Me a Kiss,” particularly during tours in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. The sight and sound of fans belting out the lyrics with fervor underscored the universal connection and impact of their music, reaffirming the duo’s passion and dedication to their craft.

When discussing their approach to creating new music, especially for their upcoming EP ‘Crashing Into Your Living Room Vol. 1,’ Crash Adams revealed a preference for organic writing processes. Inspiration is drawn from everyday life and personal reflections, with ideas often springing from simple concepts or memories that resonate on a personal level.

Looking forward, Crash Adams is focused on delivering a prolific year of music release and live performances. After a standout year on social media, their primary aim is to fulfill their promise to fans by sharing their evolving sound and energy through more tracks and shows.

What truly distinguishes Crash Adams is their innovative blend of music and content creation, a strategy that has allowed them to build a strong connection with their audience. This unique path has not only defined their success but also demonstrated their role as pioneers in adapting to the digital landscape of the music industry. By staying true to their art while navigating the challenges and opportunities of social media, Crash Adams continues to inspire and entertain, making them a standout act in today’s pop music scene.

How has your music and creative process evolved from ‘Give Me a Kiss’ to ‘Somewhere In Vegas,’ and what influences have shaped this journey? We would say that our creative process is still very similar, except for the fact that we’ve begun to overthink a lot less. We truly believe that sonically our music has improved big time, and as storytellers, we’ve definitely grown since our experience writing music has increased. We’re a little less afraid to push boundaries and be ourselves in the studio, and we see it coming through in our music. We’re very confident expressing ourselves through our music.


What impact have collaborations with icons like Justin Tranter, Dave Hodges, and The Futuristics had on your music, and any key lessons learned? Working with such amazing songwriters and producers has really helped shape how we approach songwriting as a whole. The greatest writers find a way to make simple ideas seem very eloquent. There’s beauty in simplicity and we’ve carried that with us as we move forward in our song writing journey. We’ve also found that the best writers never act like they are the best writers. They find a way to make you feel like you belong, like your feelings matter. They encourage you to really lean in, be vulnerable, and trust your gut. Sure there are always little tricks here and there that will help a song become more cohesive and catchy, however, that is secondary to authenticity. They’ve really shown us that music is a true expression of feelings and the best music is always authentic to the writer and the artist.


Can you share a standout moment from performing “Give Me A Kiss” in public? I don’t think we’ll ever get used to people shouting our lyrics at the top of their lungs. Recently we’ve just finished playing shows in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. In all 3 countries, the moment we said the word “sometimes” (the first lyric of the “Give Me A Kiss”), our fans went crazy and started singing the rest of the song with us. Each time this happened, it felt like it was happening for the first time ever. We’re so thankful and so humbled to have been able to connect with our fans in this way. “Give Me A Kiss” is such a personal and special song to us, the fact that people from across the world feel moved by this song never ceases to amaze us.


Can you walk us through your creative process for writing new music, especially for your upcoming EP ‘Crashing Into Your Living Room Vol. 1’? The creative process is different with every song, however lately we’ve actually been feeling more inspired than ever to write organically. Meaning that when we’re writing the song we’re really just writing to a guitar, rather than a high quality production. Raf has been keeping a list of concepts in his phone and adding to it whenever something interesting pops up. It could be a question, statement, or even a cool two-word phrase that sounds good together. Sometimes we even flip through old memories on our phone to draw inspiration from our everyday lives.

With a successful year ahead, what are your biggest aspirations for Crash Adams, both musically and personally? This year our goals are really simple. Release as much music as possible and play as many shows as possible. Last year we had a huge year on social media and we shattered our goals. However, we were disappointed with the amount of music released. We feel like our fans are owed a huge year, so we’re dropping a TON of music and popping up in as many cities as we can. Can’t wait to show everyone the live show we’ve been working on. Personally our aspirations are to be in the best shape possible and enjoy this life we’ve worked so hard to build for ourselves.


The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes Crash Adams strikingly different? We truly believe that our approach to our brand and career has made us strikingly different. We decided that we were never going to let our success be up to “chance” so we decided to embrace content creation early on in our careers as a way to spread our music, rather than the conventional music marketing avenues. Even after hundreds of millions of streams on our music, some people still look at us and think we’re content creators rather than artists, since we never followed the “traditional” artist trajectory. We’re okay with this though because we know in our hearts that this couldn’t be further from the truth. We just happened to embrace early on, that content would be a part of the future. We’re now starting to see that it is, and by approaching our careers in this “strikingly different” way, we’ve built an amazing fanbase of people who truly love our music.


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