DJ Khaled wearing a purple, white, blue and red digtial print sweater while pointing up with both hands. This image was from the producer's Billboard editorial.

DJ Khaled Talks New ‘GOD DID’ Album, Spending Time with His Sons and More

Whenever music’s hottest producer, DJ Khaled, drops an album, it’s never below expectations. In fact, the multi-platinum producer said the album’s success “absolutely met expectations.” He said, “I mean, the album is called GOD DID, so there’s really only one way to do it,” said the GRAMMY Award-winner at Mandrake’s Grand Re-Opening. This album marks’ Khaled’s fourth album to chart and garnered 107,500 first-week sales in the United States.

One of Miami’s hottest restaurants right now, The Mandrake, recently hosted its grand re-opening, and it was the place to be. Among those in attendance were stars like DJ Khaled, Nicky Jam, Natti Natasha, Justin Quiles, Darkiel and more. Contrast News host Gigi Rivera had a chance to catch up with the “I’m On One” and “Take It To The Head” producer. This year has proven to be nothing but successful for the Roc Nation producer. “God’s been great. You know what I mean? I just dropped another album. About to have a great dinner over here [at Mandrake], so I’m doing great!”

When he’s not producing #1 hits, selling millions of copies, or collaborating with Funko, DJ Khaled is a family man and prides himself on quality time with his family. “I’m with my kids every day,” said the father of Asahd and Aalam Khaled. He continued, “Even when I’m at work, I’m with my kids. I just want to be there for them and watch them grow, you know?”

GOD DID is available now for streaming on
Tidal, Apple Music, Trebel and more. DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” is available as a $40 boxed set with a Funko Pop figurine of the artist.

Interview by Content Producer,
Gigi Rivera.
Story by Editor-in-Chief, Michael D. Monroe.
Videography by Daniel Toruno.
Produced by Contrast Publishing.
Edited by Nathalia Bustamante.

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