Emerging Rapper Lil $o$o Talks Debut Album “$o$o World,” Working With LunchMoney Lewis and More

Anyone keeping a close eye on the hip-hop industry has turned their heads towards a new rapper who has entered the scene. Gaining thousands of new listeners in 2022, Lil $o$o is making her entrance known. Lil $o$o, who hails from South Florida, is one of hip hop’s newest up-and-coming artists. Signed to Lunchbox Records, Lil $o$o has been working with big names such as Lunch Money Lewis to produce and release her debut album $o$o World. $o$o World features 14 hard-hitting tracks that show the world who Lil $o$o is. Top tracks on the album include ‘Woo Tang,’ ‘Bad Attitude,’ and ‘Florida Girl,’ which have amassed thousands of streams online since $o$o World’s release. 

An homage to renowned hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, Lil $o$o’s track ‘Woo Tang’ first dropped in February 2022 as a single. The accompanying music video for ‘Woo Tang’ can be found on YouTube, clocking in at about 50 thousand views since its release. The video is a masterpiece of special effects partnered with eye-catching dance breaks that capture the unbridled confidence of the single. Calling on familiar imagery of black and yellow, styling choices such as a white contact lens and a braided hairstyle were made for Lil $o$o in a nod to original members of the Wu-Tang Clan. 

$o$o World rides on the momentum Lil $o$o has been building since she first began to release music in 2021. Early releases include ‘Better Life,’ ‘Go Ooh’ and ‘Bad Attitude.’ Since then, Lil $o$o has been putting in the time to create the opportunities that have allowed her to begin growing a fanbase claiming, “I stay positive and open, so I always attract new opportunities and great people.” 

We sat down with Lil $o$o to find out more about her inspirations and what she’s working towards.

Tell me about your name! What’s the story behind Lil $o$o? My name came from a nickname I had on a game system. My cousin put SoSo since you can only put down four letters for the name on the game we were playing and I’m small, so my team told me to put lil in front of it. LIL $O$O!

How did you first discover your love for music?
I’ve always loved music my whole life. My mom listened to rap, R&B, soul, Spanish, & rock music. I loved every genre and as soon as I went to the studio and just hopped on a beat. It felt like something I have been doing for forever. 

LunchMoney Lewis was the one who discovered you! That’s major. Tell us about how that came about!
[LunchMoney Lewis] discovered me actually through Melissa Marin, who is now my manager! She discovered me at the local mall in Palm Beach when I was 14 years old. Years later, when I started making music, I contacted her to tell her I wanted her to be a part of this all. Then She showed him a song that I made when I first started making music and he wanted to meet me right away. 

You’ve released four singles off the heels of your debut mixtape
$o$o World. Tell us about the most recent single “Woo Tang” and how that song came together? Woo Tang came together while I was in the studio and producer Julian Beatz played something that he just cooked up. Soon as I heard the beat I was like “wow!” This is a different tune I fuck with this! Then I started free styling and we came up with the hook and verses off the bat. Lunch came in the studio, helped me clean it up and that’s how Woo tang was created.

Who are some of your dream collaborations? Shoot your shot! Dream collabs I would say are Doja Cat, Saweetie, Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black and Alicia Keys.

What is your philosophy in life?
My Philosophy in life is to always challenge yourself and try new things. Never put yourself in one category. Be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do.

How has growing up in Florida inspired your music?
Growing up In Florida inspired my music a lot because the artists here are very different and unique. I love how cutthroat and authentic Florida people are. We are really cool, but we really know how to be on our shit.

What’s next for you, Lil $o$o?
I honestly don’t know what’s next. I’m currently so excited about this new mixtape release it’s been less than a year and so many things have happened. But that’s the beauty of music and life.

The definition of Contrast is to be strikingly different. What makes you strikingly different?
What makes me different is that I don’t try to be different. I’m just myself without really caring about how people portray me. I am who I am, and I love me. I go with the flow and let things come to me. I stay positive and open, so I always attract new opportunities and great people.

Production Credits
Photography by Orin Fleurimont
Creative Direction by Melissa Marin
Styled by Liah Barrera
Hair by Savannah Calderon
Makeup by Aimee Ramirez


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