Freshly Independent Mayce Embraces Her Authentic Artistry With “The Man That I Met”

Renowned vocalist and songwriter, MAYCE (previously known as Macy Kate), has taken a significant step into the realm of independence and embraced a new era in her music. Parting ways with her record label, EMPIRE, the esteemed singer is ready to fully express her authenticity with her debut single, “The Man That I Met”. Stemming from a time in her life when she found love in Utah, the song is about remembering all of the good memories with the person you loved instead of choosing to dwell on the negative reasons it ended. Fusing alternative pop with a Western flair, this new chapter of her music showcases her profound storytelling skills and evolved vocals.

The seasoned songstress took off when she released her cover of “
Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, with over 39 million views. She then released “Cry for Help” in 2020, earning over 6.2 million streams on Spotify, 1+ million views on YouTube, and became a TikTok sensation. With an unwavering passion for music, MAYCE is continuing this momentum and is set to dominate with the story she is about to tell in her next few singles. 

Photography by Tevin Baker
Photography by Tevin Baker

In the bar scene, she makes eye contact with the bartender, and there is immediately a connection. She stays at the bar with him, drinking, talking, and laughing, until they are the last two people. It shows her in the same bar afterward in a crowded group of people, but she’s alone.

The music video for “
The Man That I Met” takes you on a trip down memory lane watching MAYCE’s in a small-town dive bar and a bountiful field of flowers. Transitioning from a memory she made years ago to her playing the piano, she reflects on the man she once knew from that town.

In the scenes where she is in a field of flowers, she is wearing a stunning white dress that cascades around her while she plays the piano. In other field scenes, she is wearing a glamorous fitted gown with geometric patterns compiling the dress.

In the second to last scene of the video, she is watching herself from a third-person perspective speak to the man. The version of her that is speaking to him looks like she could be in love, but the present version of herself looks disappointed. In the final scene, she is alone in the field, stronger and wiser than she was before.


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