Hangout Music Festival Is One of The Most Sought-After Music Festivals of 2022

Hangout Music Festival hit the beach for the first time in 2010 with talent such as Zac Brown Band, John Legend and more setting itself apart from other festivals by featuring a blockbuster lineup of bands, becoming one of the most sought-after festivals ever.

Over the years, they have evolved featuring many bands and have been recognized as one of the premier live music events in the United States. Every year, fans are treated to some of the biggest names in music alongside new emerging acts, and it is right to say that they have made the music industry the most chaotic and the best.

Since their introduction to the world of music, artists have gained a whole degree of power over their artist careers and transformed the music business, bringing more money. Also, they will be adding another music stage under an air-conditioned tent very soon, where music lovers will find shade and new experiences in the music world.

There was plenty of music during the event, but the band musical was nothing short of excellent. Hangout always has one of the best in live performances; for instance, the past festival drew thousands of music fans who danced to live music just steps 

away from the Gulf of Mexico. In 2011, Cee Lo Green was to play in the afternoon, but the Foo Fighters took the slot due to late arrival.

In 2012, Skrillex, Mac Miller and Red Hot Chill Peppers proved that they still got the chops to win over a crowd by delivering bangers that elicited a warm ovation from the crowd in their music career. In 2013, Macklemore and Stevie Wonder rocked the stage by performing a solid set drawing from most of the catalog.

Hangout Music Festival has been unleashing events yearly, and in 2014 on the beaches of the Gulf Shore in Alabama, Outkast and The Killers drew one of the largest festive crowds on a Friday afternoon. People love this event since they are the surprise moment and unexpected minutiae that make for the best, and the 2015 one was not an exception since Paramore and Lupe Fiasco rock the stage. In 2016, The Weeknd and Lenny Kravitz nailed it when they were given the stage. Their sweet pop tunes made a great way to make Hangout Fest rock.

In 2017, Chance The Rapper, Charlie XCX and Major Lazer did the crowd best since they proved that they still got the guts when it comes to delivering music. And on 2018, the event’s legends SZA, Logic, Kendrick Lamar and Lauv wrapped it all by providing the best music ever since; when an audience was asked to describe it, he said it was aesthetic.


If you’re wanting to experience this year’s Hangout Music Festival Line-up with Doja Cat, Post Malone, Fall Out Boy, Kane Brown, Zedd, Koffee, Tyla Yaweh and more, click the line-up flyer below to be directed to your ticket!

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Take a look at line-ups from past years of Hangout Music Festival!

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