Hustlers Meet Technology with New App for Entrepreneurs Launched During Pandemic by Actor Brian White

Recently launched by actor Brian White and his business partner, SnapCall is a new app created especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. SnapCall is the first business platform released and is so unique due to the fact that it is based on the practices of the modern-day “hustler” who is doing whatever they can to keep their business running via their cell phones using text messaging.

According to White, the COVID outbreak affected everyone so much and “we all had to tap into our “inner-hustler” when the pandemic hit, and jobs closed. White and his business partner think that SnapCall is the solution small business owners, AKA hustlers, need to help them effectively and efficiently run their companies.

The actor defines a hustler as “someone who in life isn’t afraid to put in the blood, sweat and tears toward the ultimate prize, personal success.” The successful entrepreneur thinks that it is more important now than ever before for business owners to be able to run their businesses as simply as possible. White personally used the app during the pandemic and found it extremely helpful and couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

About SnapCall

There is no doubt the recent pandemic has created severe job loss and financial stress for many people. This has caused the need for them to seek other ways to earn money and support their families, which has spurred a sharp increase in the personal side hustle.

Today, almost 50 million people are operating their own side businesses, which is the motivation behind SnapCall. Since entrepreneurs were hit hardest during the pandemic, it only made sense to create something to help them.

The clever, new SnapCall app helps those very entrepreneurs with a new conversational ecommerce platform so they can easily handle all aspects of running their business. SnapCall works for any type of business in any industry. From scheduling and broadcasting updates to promoting, capturing, and selling! You can do it all with the actor’s new SnapCall app.

It’s really as easy as sending a text message and lets business owners easily elevate their personal brand. SnapCall lets you engage with your clients in a more personal way, prompting them to return, share, and spend. It also lets you schedule appointments, and provides a link to your website, online store, social media, and more into one, easy, sharable link. Cultivate business relationships and customize communications with this exciting new app from Brian White.

Keep up with Brian on his personal website as well as on social media on these platforms – Twitter and Instagram.  Also, be sure to connect with Brian White via his SnapCall page to learn more about how SnapCall can help your side hustle! Scan the QR Code at the bottom, to stay in touch with Brian.


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