James Worthy: A true creative

James Worthy has worked with some of the industry’s top artists, and now he is about to show the world he is one of them.

He is a true creative who knows that art is supposed to be limitless and continue to push boundaries, which inspired his musical journey.

“In the forms of Musicianship, Songwriting, Artistry, & Artistic Expression. Being from a city filled with creativity, I was always inspired to be great at anything that I set out to do, which turned out to be music,” Worthy said.

Worthy the industry for quite some time, he’s worked with artists such as Justin Bieber, 6lack, Sean Paul and many more. The singer, songwriter and producer has come a long way and is now ready to let the world hear his art.

Throughout his journey as an artist, he’s dropped two projects, “Kaleidoscopes” and “Blu Leisure,” which became great stepping stones as he prepares for his debut album “Once A Fairytale.”

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“It has been an amazing experience, to say the least. I’ve made some of the best music in my life during this process. Many emotions and stories that were put into song format that I am excited to share with the world,” Worthy said. “You can expect not too many collaborations on this project, but maybe 2 or 3.”

As he comes into his artistry, he emphasized how he grew as an artist while creating his album.

“It made me understand what not only my sound is, but the message and energy I wanted to exude in my music. The sonics and production have all risen to a much higher level this time around. It also taught me what my fans wanted from me as well,” he said. 

“Once A Fairytale” has become aware that to create great music, there needs to be a sense of confidence as an artist, especially when releasing a debut album.

“Honestly, I didn’t have many negative thoughts. It was more of how can I grow as an artist and expression my true creativity without changing much,” he said.

He dedicates his album to the most important people within his life: his fans, close family, and most importantly, his mentor Ecstacy of Whodini, who died Dec. 23, 2020. The two were very close, and Worthy looked at him as more than a mentor but also a brother. 

Worthy will drop “Once A Fairytale” in May 2021, which will allow fans to find out who the singer truly is.

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