Indiana Massara discusses music, her journey and more with Contrast

Indiana Massara found the inspiration within what she lost throughout the pandemic. Indiana is a singer, songwriter and actress who has put herself out there as a creative as she has made significant strides to reach her goals.

“I was born in Perth, Western Australia, but I have lived in California for the last six years. I now get to call two places I love ‘home,’” she said.

She is not a typical artist, but an authentic one with an original sound, which drew her into music. “I had always done musical theatre as a kid – singing and performing was always something I loved to do. I just didn’t realize when I was young that they were actual career paths I could take,” she said. 

Photographer; Angella Choe
Stylist: Maeve Reilly
Hair: Clayton Hawkins
Make-up: Melissa Hernandez

Throughout such an intense time for everyone worldwide, it can be challenging to remain inspired, but for Massara, her inspiration comes organically.

“As an independent singer-songwriter, I gravitate towards what inspires me at that given moment, whether it be something that I’m experiencing or whatever mood I’m in. I have that freedom because everything isn’t planned out so far in advance, as sometimes happens when you have a big team,” Massara said. 

Her single “Squeeze” has been one of those organic moments that came at the right time. “Squeeze was the first song I worked on with a new team (Jack Newsome, Annie Schindel & Daniel Feels) and from the minute I arrived, I just vibed with them. Squeeze was so much fun to co-write and record because the environment was just happy and fresh,” she said.

Indiana has deemed herself as limitless not only is she focusing on her music but also her acting career. 

Photographer:Angella Choe
Stylist: Maeve Reilly
Hair: Clayton Hawkins
Make-up: Melissa Hernandez

Her new film, “Hero Mode,” dives into the gaming world where she got to think outside of the box. “The movie is set in the gaming world is about a teenage coding genius who has 30 days to create the world’s greatest video game, or his family loses everything. I play ‘Paige,’ and she is completely different to me – so it was cool to be completely out of my comfort zone on this one.

Her style is different, and she’s really shy, so playing someone polar opposite to me was fun.” With the ups and downs the world has offered, Massara is making it her duty to appreciate everything life throws her way.

“I have been appreciating life’s little moments. I’ve been really fortunate to stay busy with filming for the networks and production houses. I wrote lots of songs during this time, and I also started writing a couple of scripts with a friend,” Massara said. 

The 18-year-old continues to maneuver her career with social media; the most effective tool that has helped her have been Tik Tok, where she has gained 3.5 million followers.

“It’s been fun introducing that audience to who I am both in front of the camera and away from it,” she said. As the year progresses, Massara has many things coming within 2021.

“On a professional level, I have another single coming out very soon, which I wrote, and it’s probably the most raw and open I’ve ever been in a song. I also have a series coming out on MTV that was super fun to film. On the personal side, I’ve just moved into my first apartment with my best friend, and we are having the best time decorating and buying furniture,” she said.

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