Juanialys Speaks On Upcoming Single ‘Heavy’ & Launching Social Wellness Organization, ‘Scarz Only’

Juanialys loves writing and performing music and listening to it too. But she also likes what else music can do: make people’s lives better.

It has the power to heal, whether it’s something you listen to and can lift you up, or something you create, put your heart into, and inspire others.

The Puerto Rican native wants to offer this power to others and use her music as an example of how to do it.

She recently began a social wellness organization called Scarz Only, which has a focus on acceptance, empowering, and healing. She hopes to offer tools and strategies to boost everyone’s mental and emotional health, from making music to creative journaling to performing yoga.

“We all have a story to share, and Scarz Only is a place for these stories to be not only heard but understood,” Juanialys said.

She recently shared details about Scarz Only and exciting things happening with her life and music.

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Tell me about your social wellness organization Scarz Only and how it began. Scarz Only is a wellness organization I created in hopes to give my supporters and all those who are on this life journey with me a safe place to authentically be who they are and learn tools to healing their internal Scarz that life has given them on their paths.

It began with a conversation, me and a few of my peers got into really deep thought about the experiences we’ve been through in life and how much its shaped who we are today. Realizing we are stronger together and that we all go through life’s hardships I decided to create and incorporate my Scarz Only wellness organization Into my artistry and life. Music is just one of many forms of healing however at this point healing is a lifestyle.

I believe it’s a necessity and we all deserve to really get to know ourselves from inside out! So why not do that together? I just want to encourage those who look to me that your Scarz and life experiences don’t have to be looked down upon but we can embrace them, heal & turn our pain into wisdom & glory.

Tell me an example of how music helped you cope with anxiety or depression? Since I was a little girl I started singing in church, gospel music was probably the first type of music I really understood and connected with before anything. I found the power of healing very young through music, I knew whenever I was sad or anything I could sing or find something to play and I would feel lighter again. Now today writing my own music and following the amazing journeys of other dope R&B artist today has helped me much. Being able to hear other lyrics from other artist is always cool to me cause a lot of times they’ll say some relatable stuff and you’ll be like “oh shoot sis you too!?”

Tell me about your new single ‘Heavy! My new single “ Heavy” is about a point In my life where I was just feeling some real heavy emotions. In this period I lowkey felt like I was drowning with emotions. I wasn’t really telling anyone about my internal issues, everything around me felt like it was crumbling with problems.

So little by little I hid myself into a rock until one day I looked up and realized how deep in the “funk” I was. On this day making this song I honestly didn’t even have many words to describe my feelings I just knew that they were heavy. My producer Lou just started playing piano because I told him I just wanted to sing and let words flow and I’m so grateful that everything happened the way it did that day, effortlessly flowed and I felt a sense of accomplishment after.

Define true beauty. I would say true beauty is more than someone’s outside appearance. Who they are when no one’s watching, their character, how an individual carries themselves, their confidence. True beauty Is found in the inside then it radiates and fills up around a person through the outside.

Tell me about your earliest memory of music. Church! My earliest memory honestly is as young as probably 3/4 just singing at my grandma’s church. The congregation used to love me getting up there! Lol. Although my whole family is musically talented either you sing, play an internment, or both! So for as long as I can remember I always loved music and been involved in it. One of my favorite things to do with my family is get in the living room together and jam out. We are almost getting a whole band together and just sing our hearts out. It’s always so fun.

Who are some of your musical inspirations? Well I love to say that if Beyoncé and Rihanna had a baby it would be me! I admire both of them and absolutely love all they are and stand for. But I also grew up loving Alicia Keys, and now I feel like all the R&B girls in the limelight right now are so dope. Like HER, SZA, Summer Walker, Jazmine Sullivan and so much more! They’re all just amazing , really talented and inspiring. I’m honored and grateful to be around in this time to experience the art coming from them.

What’s next for you? More music, content and announcements coming from my Scarz Only wellness organization. I’m really focused on my healing journey, nurturing and loving everyone and everything that brings me happiness. Which means a lot of grind and focus on my goals and elevation. I’m super excited for the new music to come out!

The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? As cliche as It might sound, what makes me strikingly different is simply me being me. As similar as we all are! We’re uniquely and divinely made. So I carry that with me, knowing there’s only one me out in this world no one can replicate it, no one can copy. I’m strikingly different already when I just stand in my power, my truths, my beliefs, how I carry myself, to the way that I think and process things no one can compare to me. There’s only one of you! There’s only one of me! That’s our power.

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