Kanye West Spent Fifth Grade In China While His Mother, Donda West, Taught At Nanjing University in 1987

The year is 1987 and Whitney Houston’s ‘I Want To Dance With Somebody’ is #1 here in the United States but over 7,000 miles away Kanye West is in China while his mother, Donda West, who was a professor, taught at #NanjingUniversity.

Kanye referred time his time in China as something that prepped him for celebrity life. “I think being in China got me ready to be a celeb because, at that time, a lot of Chinese had never seen a black person. They would always come up and also stare at me, fishbowl me and everything. And that’s kind of the way it is for me right now.”

“We really connected there, so it’ll probably be very emotional for me to go back to China. As soon as you, y’know, feel the energy and hit the ground and see familiar sights from your childhood, and familiar smells — which is the most memorable sense of all — it’ll take me right back to fifth grade with my mom.”


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