LAGOS Drops New Co-Lead Single ‘Soltando A Pedazos’ Alongside Nostalgic 80s-Themed Music Video

The rising musical duo LAGOS has just dropped their latest track, “Soltando A Pedazos,” setting the stage for their much-anticipated album in the Latin pop music scene. In collaboration with songwriter Sarah Schell, the song delivers a message of resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges, urging listeners to take life one step at a time.

What makes “Soltando A Pedazos” even more interesting is that both members of the duo, Luis and Agustín, share the spotlight by taking on co-lead vocals in the same song. This marks a new creative direction for the pair.

The accompanying music video, crafted by César Elster and directed by Gaby Noya, transports us back to the vibrant 80s era. The video features the iconic José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez, who portrays a quirky marketing executive proposing imaginative ideas for the duo’s next single and video. Nostalgia takes center stage in this video, paying homage to the pop culture icons and trends of the 80s.

Luis Jiménez and Agustín Zubillaga, the driving forces behind LAGOS, are seasoned musicians and producers with over a decade of experience. Their collaboration in 2019 resulted in the birth of LAGOS, a musical powerhouse that has quickly gained popularity. Their debut album, “Clásicos,” introduced the hit “Mónaco,” a collaboration with Danny Ocean that achieved platinum status and garnered international acclaim.

With “Soltando A Pedazos,” LAGOS showcases their evolution as artists while embracing the spirit of the 80s. This latest single not only offers a taste of their upcoming album but also resonates with audiences by encapsulating the journey of facing adversity and pushing forward.

As LAGOS paves the way for their new album, the duo’s music continues to capture the essence of perseverance and the significance of taking each day as it comes. Through “Soltando A Pedazos,” they offer a reminder that amidst life’s challenges, moving forward step by step is the key to eventual triumph.

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