Landon Wetterstrom Talks Music, ‘Men of West Hollywood,’ Loft Luxury and More

Few reality stars have created longevity in their careers off the small screen, but Landon Wetterstrom is an exception to the norm. 

Wetterstrom has made a name for himself after his lead appearance on the new Crackle TV reality series, Men of West Hollywood, and has proven himself to be one to watch. The docu-reality series’ first season was a smashing success, from red carpet events to star-studded soirees, professional aspirations, and love life woes. Its sophomore year is sure to continue the momentum. 

The series follows a WeHo-based friend group navigating their high-profile careers, complicated relationships, sexuality, friendships, and drama-filled activities in their day-to-day lives. Since the end of season one, Wetterstrom has hit the ground running, riding a career-high, and hasn’t stopped since. Landon focuses on his music and his in-demand luxury property company, Loft Luxury LLC. He has been performing at exclusive venues in Los Angeles, and his captivating DJ beats are best categorized as a perfect blend between beach house and psychedelic alternative mixed with today’s pop culture sound. His DJ skills have taken him internationally, most recently performing at Cabo Nobu.

When not mixing music, he is catering to long and short-term luxury properties to high-profile clientele, such as The Weeknd, Deshaun Watson, Buddy Hield, and Ray J. 

Landon’s involvement in the entertainment and music industry is truly unmatched. While having a hand in television, music, and real estate, there’s no limit to just how far he’ll go in all three directions. The Hollywood hunk sits down with Contrast Magazine and shares his story for #ContrastMan.

You play a lead role in the Men of West Hollywood. How did you begin your acting career and was this your first acting role? Men of West Hollywood was my first professional, paid role, but I’ve been acting since I was seven years old. I attended a Waldorf school from kindergarten through high school and every year, we had to participate in a play. I was the lead in several of them and did extracurricular performances as well. 

How does the Men of West Hollywood differ from other reality television shows? A significant difference between other reality shows and Men of West Hollywood is that it focuses on both gay and straight men and their various relationships. It opens up conversations between the two groups and their respective relationships that have not been shown so candidly on television. 

What opportunities has this show brought to you? Well, I had never been on a billboard before – let alone six! – but joking aside, it’s opened up my whole entertainment career to new possibilities, including DJing at amazing places, having live TV and radio interviews, more access to red carpets, and connecting with amazing people in the industry. 

Can you tell us a bit about your music career and your upcoming projects? As a DJ Artist, I recently released two mixes on SoundCloud and am working on releasing them on Spotify, too. I’m currently working on a tropical mix for the summer since I have plans to DJ in numerous tropical resorts. 

What genre of music do you listen to, and what do you produce? I listen to all kinds of music but my favorites right now are Psychedelic Guitar, especially Tame Impala, and House music. I also love the classics such as Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin. Another important influence in my mixes are Rap artists, such as Kanye West and Kid Cudi. To me, creating a diverse blend is both exciting and meaningful and is something that I’ve not heard before.

We heard you own a luxury property company, Loft Luxury LLC. Who are you mainly renting out properties to and where? Our largest clientele are celebrities and high profile executives, who often rent our properties for extended stays. Right now we are solely based in the Los Angeles area, specifically in Hollywood and West Hollywood. We are currently working to expand to Miami and Cabo San Lucas. 

How do you manage all of your projects? I wake up early and have a specific and designed schedule to make sure I work on all aspects of my career, including working out, attending acting school and submitting auditions, creating DJ mixes, and making sure our guests are taken care of at our properties. It helps to have a support team around me, including my business partners, my manager and my publicist. 

What challenges have you faced working in Hollywood and how have you overcome it? Staying focused on my dreams and projects, and staying on top of all the things I need to do to keep things going, can be challenging. I enjoy many parts of living and working in Hollywood but it’s easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects that could take away from my focus. My very supportive team and close friends help me stay on track. Plus, since I love acting so much and creating music mixes, doing these things isn’t really a chore. It takes work and focus, but it’s what I enjoy and moves me closer to my dreams.


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