Latin Urban artist, International Nova, celebrates February 27th, Independence Day for the Dominican Republic

The most important day of the year has arrived for International Nova. He celebrates his culture and the influence it still plays in his career as February 27th marks Independence Day for the Dominican Republic. Many Dominicans, including himself, have rejoiced in the holiday since 1844 when it was first established. The Caribbean Island fought for their rights twice against Spain and Haiti. This would mark a year they would celebrate annually and for an entire month that brings Dominicans around the globe closer to their heritage.

Being raised in a Dominican household has shaped International Nova into the proud Latin artist he is today. He comes from the Bronx, NY where his parents ingrained the importance of embracing his heritage. He was taught to respect those that came before him, as respecting the past was the only way to have a successful future. He credits the people, music, and strength of family with molding him into the artist and producer that he is today.

“On this day we celebrate our independence and the strength of our people, Nosotros somos
Dominicanos.” – International Nova

Independence Day in the Dominican Republic typically features their traditional dish of flavorful mangu and an enthusiastic waving of the Dominican flag. Nova is proud that his people take such appreciation of their country’s history. So happy in fact, that he has started the process of creating a non-profit organization that would be aimed at directing the country’s impoverished children. He wants to give some relief to the single mothers that would not be able to afford these chances for their children otherwise.

Still in a charitable mindset, International Nova is looking to create a school in the Dominican Republic that focuses on music. He recognizes how much the afrobeats have inspired him and looks to give another child that same motivation. Finally, he is in the midst of creating scholarships for low-income and first-generation children. Nova is insistent on giving back to the culture that created him. It is no wonder as just like the soldiers that fought for Independence, he is a man who stands tall and faces every battle.

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