Leli Hernandez Releases First Single of 2023, “Salgo Bonita”

With the release of her powerful new single, Salgo Bonita, multi-talented singer and songwriter Leli Hernandez is ushering in a new era of music. Produced by Reggi el Auténtico, Piki, and composed by Becca and Leli, the track has an energy all its own and tells the story of going out after a breakup. If God took that relationship away from you, it’s because something better will come, she says about her inspiring single.

The accompanying video directed by filmmaker Jessy Terrero has a dynamic link between Leli and video legend. Speaking about the video’s release, Leli said she wanted people to feel empowered after a breakup so they can find themselves again. Before this release, she had already made an impact with Nunca Le Bajo alongside Reggi el Autentico, Becca, and Robi Molina; Billboard proclaimed that Leli brings a unique flow and liberating message. Additionally, her song Piensas was featured in the YouTube original series BRAVAS produced by Jessy Terrero.

Leli Hernandez is making waves with her uplifting songs aimed at empowering women everywhere with their liberating messages. Her musical prowess combined with inspiring lyrics make for an unrivaled combination that is not to be missed!

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