LGBTQ-Focused Network Revry Premieres New Spanish Language Series “Drag Latina”

On October 16th, 2022, the inclusive, LGBTQ-first global streaming network Revry premiered its first season of Drag Latina, the all-new, fierce Spanish language drag competition series focusing on Latinx drag talent. “We love to challenge the programming status quo and offer Drag Latina as a challenge to the notion that drag competitions should be restricted by geography, cultures and language,” said Chris Rodriguez, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Revry.

This series is set to inspire and empower its Latinx viewers. The show’s Amalara Sofia says, “Never give up, always fight for your dreams and do not let anyone tell you what to do, much less want to trample on you and tell you that you are not good at what you do.” She said, “Siempre podrán ser una Drag Latina una diva que domina.” (English: “They can always be a Latin Drag, a diva that dominates.”)

Produced in Dallas, Texas and created by first-time television producer Chiru Adams, Drag Latina was created by and for the Spanish-speaking queer community.

We had a chance to speak with
 Vicky Chavarria, Leyla Edwards, Amalara Sofia and Valeria Sparks about working with Revry on this brand-new drag television experience.

How long have you been doing drag?

Vicky: I have been doing drag and imitation of artists for 17 years.

Leyla: I think I just had my quinceanera in drag; 15 years been a showgirl ever since 2008. Drag Latina fell onto my lap in a chance of fate to reinvent my drag. After a four-year pause, I had the opportunity to express all the crazy ideas and dreams that I had been building.

Amalara: 14 years.

Valeria: 10 years.


How has drag affected your life?

Vicky: Drag has helped me personally, and above all, I am grateful to it for coming into my life. 

Leyla: It has shaped me to be the hardcore professional entertainer that I am today. There is so much that goes into drag. Before RuPaul, the pageantry circuit was the ‘it’ thing and defined the drag culture. 

Amalara: Drag has had a huge impact on my life, I’ve had ups and downs, and I’ve cried and smiled. The important thing is that it has made me a very happy person, especially for all the spiritual and sentimental growth as well as in my skills when it comes to transforming myself. It has also been a way to connect with incredible people and having those people who are by your side every day to give you their support is the best.

Valeria: I think that since I decided to be in drag art, there have been many obstacles to acceptance, both for people and for me. The main cause was having to accept myself as I am with two different personalities but always with my feet on the ground. Setting myself up in a community where criticism is very harsh and being able to have formed a shell so that all this does not affect me have been one of my greatest challenges.

What has your experience been like with Revry and Drag Latina?

Vicky: Being in Drag Latina was a unique and inspiring experience, and belonging to the platform is an honor for me.

Leyla: Drag Latina has given me the chance how we, as a minority within a minority, are so infrequently I decided to stop my complaining and do something about it. The producer had reached out to me on social media and the way he pitched the show. Immediately I loved the idea of showing the cast what I love and helping build a platform to spread my message of love into this world.


Revry has been so welcoming with open arms – from Damian to all Revry team members – if I was to describe them in one word would be: PROFESSIONAL.

Amalara: It has been a great experience, it has been tough, and we have had to fight for it, but thank God I am not complaining. One of the best experiences of my life; and a lot of growth. I have learned a lot within the competition as well as outside.

Valeria: Well, I think I had a magnificent experience full of surprises and a lot of emotion. I am grateful to the platform and to all the Drag Latina staff for letting me be part of this beautiful project. My favorite moment, I think they all are. I gave my body, my soul, and my heart. I love doing this. It is my passion, so for me, all the spaces are my favorites.


What is your favorite moment you’ve shared with Revry?

Vicky: One of the best moments in Latin Drag was meeting my partners, now my sisters, and representing my beautiful country, Guatemala.

Leyla: I was just invited to the QueerX Awards, and let me tell you, this was the most organized event I have been part of. From the moment we arrived till the moment we all left. From the makeup artist, camera crew, and dancers to the caters, everyone was truly happy to be part of the project. We got to be backup dancers for Latin Superstar Ninel Conde. You can only Imagine this was a dream come true!

Amalara: I think that the best thing is the support part. Revry has given us the tools to be able to expose our talent, and our name and their great support has been essential for this project. Giving us so much exposure is the most incredible thing.

Valeria: Drag Latina is a Latino program where many of us find it easier to express ourselves in many ways. It is an inclusive program where you can exploit art in all ways. Drag Latina is a dream that has only just begun.

What would you tell those who struggle with self-confidence?

Vicky: My best advice is to turn to our friend in the mirror and look at each other from head to toe and see that you are unique, that you are a human being who can get ahead whatever the situation, love and adore you that in this life we come through. We have to enjoy life because there is only one love life and respect yourself as what you want to be in the world.

Leyla: As a chubby kid, not being able to see my own shoes when standing to a beautiful, shocking diva on stage, I can tell you anything is possible. There is something we can learn even in the toughest situations. There is always a silver lining in everything. The advice that I would give to anyone out there doubting themselves is to always be thankful for another day if you didn’t like what you did the day before. Change it only you and no one but you have the power to change it. 

Amalara: That they look in a mirror and tell themselves how important they are, that they look at their past and see what they have grown and built, we all have ups and downs in life, but that cannot take away our self-esteem or our confidence. Now is the time to eat the world and be happy.

Valeria: Dealing in life is a fact, losing or winning is a card according to my experience, I could tell you not to be afraid of anything, life is so to live, enjoy, laugh, cry, but to be happy inside and out, and the greatest key to getting out success of all this is respect, humility, and discipline. Drag helps me a lot in my social life to be less shy and to be able to interact with great purposes.

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