Mel 4Ever’s “Go Bitch!” is the Empowering Anthem We Need

Mel 4Ever is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, unafraid to be bold and unapologetically herself. Her latest track, “Go Bitch!” featuring Fraxiom, is a testament to her fearless attitude and creative talent.

The song was inspired by a tumultuous one-night stand with someone who ultimately strung Mel along and emotionally manipulated her. In response, Mel wrote “Go Bitch!” as an exercise in release and enlisted Fraxiom to add their own “bestie” perspective. The creative process for this track was refreshingly smooth, with the lyrics flowing out in just 15 minutes and Fraxiom’s verse written in 10.

Despite the smooth creative process, Mel admits to facing challenges in her art. She often questions whether people will like her work or if she will fall between the cracks. Mel 4Ever pushes past these fears, reminding herself that she is a fearless person at her core.

As a trans woman, Mel’s music and songwriting are heavily influenced by her experiences. Life is polarizing for her, especially in a large city where it’s hard to transition under the radar. She channels all of this intensity into her music and performances, creating a sound and style that is uniquely her own. Writing and performing personal songs can be emotionally taxing, but Mel doesn’t shy away from it. She lets the moment hit her and taps into those intense feelings on stage, creating a powerful and unforgettable performance. 

Fans can expect Mel’s upcoming EP to be just as bold and unapologetic as “Go Bitch!” The lyrics are blatant, and the sound is in your face with no hidden messages or subliminal themes. Mel is strikingly different from her peers, describing herself as a “hell-raising demon slut whore.” This confidence and fearlessness are what make her stand out in the music industry.


Mel 4Ever is a rising star in the music industry with a unique and unapologetic sound. Her latest track, “Go Bitch!” featuring Fraxiom, is a powerful and personal response to a difficult experience. Despite the challenges she faces, Mel continues to push forward fearlessly, channeling her intensity and passion into her music and performances. Fans can expect her upcoming EP to be just as bold and unapologetic as her previous work, solidifying her place as a force to be reckoned with in the music world.


Read the full interview below:


What inspired you to write “Go Bitch!” and how did this collaboration with Fraxiom come about? I literally fell in love with this guy after a one-night stand. I thought it was a “love at first sight” situation. I later found out his family and friends don’t know he’s “into” trans girls and he promptly strung me along and emotionally manipulated me. This song is my answer to that. I wanted it to be a fun dance song though, kind of like an exercise in release…so I asked my friend Fraxiom to jump on the track. The way they related to the song was from a “bestie” point of view. Kind of like “Go bitch you’re the shit no matter what.” 


Can you describe your creative process for this track and how it differed from your past work? This song was written in like 15 minutes. It’s a diary entry–vulnerable and angry. It was easy to write and the same for Fraxiom. They wrote their verse in about 10 minutes and we put the pieces together, making very little edits. It’s a rare thing for synergy to be so smooth.

What challenges do you face when creating and how do you overcome them? I’m always asking myself, “What are people going to think?” “What if no one likes it?” “What if I fall between the cracks and make no impression?” I have to realize that those are all questions coming from fear. I have to remind myself that I am a fearless person. That is who Mel 4Ever is at her core. So I continue.


How do you feel your experience as a trans woman has influenced your music and songwriting? I experience life in an intense way. It’s a polarizing experience, at least for me–especially in a large city. You can’t really transition under the radar and if you are at all cognizant of the status of politics, it’s hard to stay silent. I channel all of that into my music and performances. 


You mentioned the song was born out of torment. How do you navigate the emotional toll of writing and performing personal songs? I let the moment hit me, and once I am out of the initial moments of stress, anger, or frenzy, I start to write. But I never forget those feelings. I tap into them on stage.


What can fans expect from your upcoming EP and how does “Go Bitch!” fit into the overall sound and theme of the project? This EP has absolutely no chill, no hidden or subliminal messaging. The lyrics are blatant and so are the sounds. 


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