Meta Announces “Creators of Tomorrow” Inaugural Class Including Natalie Odell, Don Allen, Drew Afualo & More

Today, Meta has announced their Creators of Tomorrow inaugural class, which spotlights and celebrates talent across Facebook and Instagram.

In a recent release, Meta stated “We are honored to see creators building communities, demonstrating ground-breaking creativity, and building thriving businesses across Meta’s apps and technologies—and we are introducing Creators of Tomorrow as a way to celebrate them, shine a light on their amazing work, and show the world the creators they should be watching.

The inaugural class is made up of 25 Creators ranging from 5 separate categories such as Redefining Community, #NoFilter Empowerment, Creative Excellence, On The Rise and Future Ready. Among those in the class include Natalie Odell (@Nataloe.Odell) Sydney Bell (@sydneylbell), Armiel Chandler (@ArmielChandler), Drew Afualo (@drewafualo), Smac McCreanor (@Smacmccreanor), Gianluca Conte (@itsqcp), and more.

The Meta-led initiative strives to support Creators by offering a space for them to share their personal experiences, grow their audience, and overall network and build. “We’re proud to celebrate and honor these creators as our first-ever Creators of Tomorrow, and we look forward to working with them in the year ahead to spotlight their talent and support their growth.”

Take a look below at the full inaugural Creators of Tomorrow class. 

Redefining Community

These creators’ passion and knack for fostering belonging help them to create vibrant and active niche communities. They champion social change, unlock new opportunities for marginalized groups, and cultivate real-world connection.

#NoFilter Empowerment
Driving honest conversations, celebrating vulnerability, and fighting stigmas: These creators are shaping a brighter future. They break down barriers to nurture important conversations about well-being, amplify new voices, and spread positivity.

  • The Valentine Brothers (@valentinebrothers)
  • Drew Afualo (@drewafualo)
  • Armiel Chandler (@armielchandler)
  • Mattie Westbrouck (@westbrouck)
  • Sydney Bell (@sydneylbell)

    On the Rise

    These creators are on the rise, all while turning their passions into thriving careers. These creators make their mark on emerging culture, breaking into the mainstream and sparking new conversations across digital culture.

Creative Excellence
These creators demonstrate ultimate creativity in their craft while embracing their individuality. They express themselves in unique ways and aren’t afraid to experiment with their creative process. Their boldness pioneers trends and shapes culture. 

Web3 opens endless possibilities for the future, and these creators show how it’ll be done. With the advances of blockchain, AR/VR technology, the Metaverse, NFTs and more, these creators are ahead of the game.

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