Chris Crocker Defends Aaron Carter in Response to TMZ

Aside from the below freezing temperatures, thanks to Blizzard Jonas, things decided to heat up on social media, this Friday night. TMZ released an article directed toward a video of Aaron Carter on stage talking about how he wishes to put his childhood songs behind him in an effort to promote his newer, more mature music. reads, “[Aaron will] whine like a baby if you try to make him” sing “I Want Candy.” Despite the track being one of Aaron’s more successful tracks, he has hopes of a more successful future as he gears toward the release of his upcoming self-produced single “Fool’s Gold,” in collaboration with producer Lindgren and songwriters Melanie Fontana and LakeStreetLouie, which is set to release Spring 2016.

Following TMZ’s tweet, Carter’s fans took to Twitter to express their distaste for the post, which brought the attention to internet sensation, Chris Crocker. Crocker then posted a video on Instagram, making light of the situation, by recreating one of his earlier videos “Leave Britney Alone.” In the video, Crocker states, “Leave Aaron Carter alone, RIGHT NOW! For real, though. I mean, you people are mad because he doesn’t want to sing, ‘I Want Candy’ from when he was a kid? That’s like people asking me to do ‘Leave Britney Alone.’ Now, I would do Aaron.”

Leave @aaroncarter Alone. He’s grown up and it’s time his haters do too. #TeamFoolsGold

A video posted by Chris Crocker (@itschriscrocker) on

The video was brought to Aaron’s attention, which was followed by a tweet from the “Fool’s Gold” singer stating…

And also…

Obviously, Chris approves…

We had a chance to speak with Chris afterword and he told us “His new music is fucking on point & I respect it so much.”

Ditto, Chris. Ditto.

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