Meta Holds First Black Creator Day with Bel Air’s Jabari Banks, Bia, Lala Milan, Ezee and More

The sun was out and shining on a group of extremely talented Black creators during the first Black Creators Day. Meta held the event in Los Angeles, California, featuring over 200 of the social media elite. Showcased were entertainers such as Jabari Banks, Lala Milan, comedian Ezee, and more! The day was manifested to highlight the many ways other Black creators could benefit from social media. They showed that monetization was possible in every avenue; we just needed to build the platform to get there. Black Creators Day was nothing short of inspirational and the motivating factor a rising social media star needs to progress.


Black Creator Day also featured an augmented reality gallery with AR artwork from 8 emerging artists: Sacha Alexandra, Nigel Matumbo, Jordan Johnson, CJ Vega, Leighton McDonald, Mabu Yu, Don Allen Stevenson III, and Okule Fallet.


Everyone looked their best, showing off their unique styles and proudly displaying that melanin comes in every single variation. Different cultures within the Black community stepped out to make their presence known. Performing artist and shining star Bia gave an exclusive performance during the event before socializing with the other melanated stars around her. LaLa Milan spoke to the audience regarding her start in this business and how she has since remained at the top of her game. Michelle Mitchell reinforced the initiative’s mission to fund the Black creator community with millions of dollars so that they can all continue being their best.

“I want to tell all Black creators that this is your time to shine.”

We the Culture was charitable enough to show clips of the event, where creators could be seen dancing with one another, though many had not met until that morning. It shows how outstanding the culture is, that lifelong bonds can be made over a shared inherent struggle. Veteran funny woman Ezee could be seen leaving inspirational messages to viewers and thanking Meta for putting the celebration together. Candace Marie, who hosted her panel titled “Master It with Marie” was quoted as advising Black creators to remember that they are in control of the trends and tones that frequent the platforms.

In a press release from Cancel Communications in New York City, Lila Milan states, A lot of times, we’re holding onto what we think is safe because we’re scared to jump out of the window and live our dreams. The truth is, your window is only so big, and if you don’t take advantage of it, you’ll miss out on an opportunity. You don’t have to be at a certain level to create content. To be honest, I don’t know anybody who isn’t a content creator. These days, anyone who posts on social media is a creator.

Of course, no event would be complete without tasty bites to accompany it. All Flavor No Grease, Zac’s Sweet Shop, Vurger Guyz and Free Coffee were some of the brands to provide cuisine to the stars. The day was elevated with the presence of augmented reality art installations by Jordan Johnson, Sacha Alexandra, CJ Vega, Mabu Yu, and more! Andre Oshea provided a digital photography experience and Kingspray VR presented works from his VR graffiti and paint studio. All in all the day’s event was full of magic and Meta looks forward to bringing the celebration back in 2023!


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