Model Turned Artist Jules Leisl Wants To Use Her Platform to Share Her Mental Health Journey

It seems musicians are universal nowadays, but what sets each one apart from the others? What about starting as a model? Beauty is definitely an All-American favorite trait. Jules Liesl has a ton of this characteristic. Jules, born in 1993, is an American model and Instagram content creator who has moved over to trying out the music side of the celebrity pool.

What motivated Jules to move to music from modeling? “Girls are mean. You’re constantly being told to be skinny.” Jules says in an interview. Something most people would not associate with Jules is body shaming. Some would look at Jules and think, “How could anyone see something wrong with her body? It is beautiful. SHE is beautiful!”

The sad reality is that, no matter what, someone will always be there to bring in negativity. A friend of Jules decided enough was enough and brought her into the music world. Jules friend enjoyed her voice and wanted better for her than the episode of “Mean Girls” she was enduring. It seems like Jules is moving on to bigger and better things!

Photography by Claire Bishara. Courtesy of Emily Blair Media.
Photography by Claire Bishara. Courtesy of Emily Blair Media.

Moving from an emotional rollercoaster like modeling has given Jules several lessons in life. Things from “having a backbone” to “not trusting everyone.” Moving forward Jules seems to be able to bounce back from everything thrown at her. She even uses her synesthesia as a positive aspect to her music. She associates colors with different music. Each song she puts out has an associated color. That is a pretty fresh outlook!

During July 2022, Jules hosted a free all-ages show at State Social House in Hollywood, CA. Her music is on Spotify and other music platforms, so check her out after you read a little more about her!

Tell me a little about yourself? Who is Jules Liesl? Jules Liesl is a crazy, wild, confident, talented woman. She is also my alter ego. I’m shy, quiet, and never leave my house, but when Jules comes out it’s party time!

How did you get your start in modeling? I started when I moved to California when I was 19 and used it as a stepping stone to get to where I am now.

You’re managed by none other than Noah Centineo’s father Greg Centineo! Tell me how that came to light and what that’s been like? Greg is a long-time family friend and discovered me over dinner with my parents. My mom slipped in a video of me singing, and Greg thought I had something unique and suggested I pursue music with more intention. Eventually, my parents persuaded Greg to help design my career path, and been a fucking adventure and ride of a lifetime!

What’s your philosophy in life? I believe the universe is guiding me, and everything happens for a reason. I do not believe we are alone in this universe, there are other life forms. Everyone has a path to take, and people cross into each other to reach new levels.

Photography by Claire Bishara. Courtesy of Emily Blair Media.
Photography by Claire Bishara. Courtesy of Emily Blair Media.

Tell me about your single “If I Were A Genie” and the message behind the song? The message is I have expectations, and you could make all these wishes, and until you do, I’m going to keep doing me. 


You’ve mentioned how modeling has taken a toll on your mental health. How have you been able to use your platform to share these experiences? Using my voice to let people know they are not alone in their struggles and that it’s okay to be sad by sharing my own experiences and being transparent about the issues. I hope it inspires others to do the same and bring awareness to mental health

What’s next for you? Continue performing to open for a big artist on tour, I am exploring NFT music releases and looking to go back into the studio and make more music!

The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? My personality, my mind, my past, my energy, my power, my humor, and I’m predictably unpredictable



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