Mom, Model, Mover and Shaker Abbie Herbert is Doing it All and Doing it Magnificently

Society and culture have shifted dramatically in the digital age of the internet and social media. With so much information and entertainment available at the touch of a fingertip, the influencer marketing industry has expanded exponentially, most notably in recent years. However, navigating the fast-paced world of social media can be daunting for anyone. Managing followers, view counts, and engagement rates – influencer life is not for everyone. However, Abbie Herbert is one internet superstar crushing the social media scene.

Over the past couple of years, Abbie has built a successful brand and a loyal following together with her husband, Josh. Entering their third year in the industry, the pair are now full-time social media entrepreneurs creating content that millions love. Starting with a viral TikTok video in 2020, the two now share channels across the social platforms YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

As Herbert and her husband have built a family together, viewers have followed along loyally, welcoming the announcement of Herbert’s second pregnancy. Herbert currently expects her second child, the baby brother of the Herberts’ first child, Poppy.

On top of her social media ventures and being a mom to two, Herbert is also a successful model. She also co-hosts the “Who Wears the Pants” podcast with her husband. Together, they cover all the ins and outs of parenting, relationships, and living together. The podcast gives viewers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of Herbert’s life and is yet another example of Herbert’s entrepreneurial spirit.

We sat down with Herbert to learn more about her influencer experience and entrepreneurial journey.

You give so much of yourself on social media. How have you been able to balance your personal life and work life?
Honestly, it was challenging initially, and it took some time, but Josh and I slowly figured it out. Creating a schedule helped us separate work life and personal life. Every Sunday, we have a meeting to go over what needs to be done for work and what is going on in our personal lives. We put everything in our shared google calendar, so we aren’t constantly asking each other what to do next. We have set filming days and set times when we put our phones away and enjoy family time.

In what ways did the pandemic allow you to turn a negative into a positive?
Josh and I both lost our jobs during the pandemic. We were in a difficult financial position and thought we would have to move in with Josh’s parents at one point. While I was home, bored with my newfound free time and hoping modeling would come back, I made my first TikTok. I posted a video with Josh, and it went viral overnight. We quickly grew to 1 million followers in a month. We had no idea you could make a living off of social media before the pandemic. We were pushing our content on other platforms and somehow turned my boredom serendipitously into a full-time career. 

What do you want listeners to take away from your podcast, Who Wears The Pants? We are an open book when it comes to our podcast. We share personal details about our lives and our personal struggles in hopes our listeners can relate and feel they are not alone. We want to give our listeners a place to escape for an hour and leave with a renewed sense of joy!

You come from entertainment, specifically from modeling. In what ways has the entertainment industry prepared you to be a parent? – What’s next for you?
In modeling, demanding clients can push and test you, and Poppy is a very demanding client. You have to adapt to conditions on the fly-on set, and nothing ever goes as planned so you have to roll with it. It’s a lot like having a kid. Josh is used to the hours on tour as well, and it definitely feels like we’re gearing up for another tour with Baby J on the way, but we’re veterans now so we know what to expect.

The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? I think people are generally pleasantly surprised when they meet me out in real life that I’m the same person on camera as off. Josh and I aren’t putting on an act or playing a role on social media. We feel like our viewers are a part of our lives and like we’re just talking with our friends on the internet.


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