On Mekahel Talks MOUNDERWEAR, Season 3 of ‘Putting On’ and LGBTQ Representation In Media

From filming during a pandemic, to getting a closer look into his romantic and business life, 2021 is definitely heating up for Israeli-born actor, model, and TV-personality, On Mekahel. Almost 12-years since he started in fashion, with notable mentions of: working for supermodel Naomi Campbell, being an underwear model, and launching his own underwear brand MOUNDERWEAR, Mekahel is ready for the next chapter that awaits.

From working to build an inclusive swimwear line, talking LGBTQ+ representation through his series Putting On, and what makes him strikingly different, Mekahel shares he is ready to get “100% naked.”

Now in its third season, Putting On, nominated as the Best Digital Series by Queerty, brings us closer into what is happening behind-the-scenes of Mekahel’s life. Different from previous seasons, this time Mekahel filmed a lot of the scenes using an iPhone due to Covid-19 social-distancing restrictions, but to his surprise “it felt like we were showing a lot more and getting deeper.”

This season, Mekahel says people can expect a lot of “good reality-moments,” as he opens up about personal experiences from dealing with immigration, brand evolution, lockdown, and his relationship. One of the journey’s viewers will also embark on this season is the road to launching an inclusive swimwear line, set to release Spring 2021. This was especially important for Mekahel as it is his first-time doing swim, and it included giving his brand “a complete makeover and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Another impact Putting On has had since it launched in 2018, has been offering representation of diverse LGBTQ+ identities. Being one of the pioneers for showcasing an LGBTQ+ couple, Mekahel says, “we are getting the stage we deserve to have.” To have a gay persona lead a series about real-life issues, not only provides Mekahel with a platform to create waves for LGBTQ+ visibility on-screen, but also serves as hope for him that more doors can open for other individuals in the community to share their story.

With there being so many stigmas about how a gay person should be, Mekahel feels that his show and living an open life offers an opportunity to share why he is strikingly different. “They [people] think my life is just fun,” Mekahel shares, but other parts people often fail to see due to social media or pictures is that he is a hard worker, and relationship oriented. With uncovering more of his journey through Putting On, Mekahel hopes the industry will continue to evolve and see that, “our stories are important and beautiful.”


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