Osmani Garcia Talks About “Summer Love” Collaboration with Julian Marley, Upcoming Sean Paul Single and More

In an enchanting blend of reggae and Cuban rhythms, Osmani Garcia has emerged as a dynamic force in the music industry, captivating audiences with his infectious melodies and uplifting spirit. In an interview with Contrast Magazine, Garcia shares the inspiration behind his collaboration with Julian Marley, his upcoming collaboration with Sean Paul, and his unique approach to music.

The collaboration between Garcia and Julian Marley in their hit song “Summer Love” was driven by Garcia’s deep admiration for the Marley family’s musical legacy. Inspired by his wife Laura, who also played a crucial role in the art direction of the music video, the song serves as a dedication to their enduring love. Garcia’s desire to maintain love and positivity resonates strongly in his music, providing an escape from stress and promoting happiness.

When it comes to his creative process, Garcia finds his best moments after 10 pm in his home studio. Immersed in his thoughts, he allows the magic to unfold, infusing each song with his carefree and uplifting spirit. Drawing from his Cuban heritage, Garcia seamlessly blends elements of Rumba into his music, giving it a distinct flavor that reflects his cultural roots.

Garcia’s humble nature shines through as he expresses his appreciation for Julian Marley’s talent and humility. Their collaboration has not only resulted in remarkable music but also forged a genuine friendship and brotherhood. As for future projects, Garcia hints at exciting collaborations with artists like Busy Signal and Sean Paul, promising an array of new music and fresh sounds.

Osmani Garcia’s uniqueness lies in his authentic storytelling and his ability to create a strikingly different yet universally appealing narrative through his music. With each song, he invites listeners into his world, offering a glimpse of his own experiences and emotions. His mission is to spread love and joy through his music, making the world a happier place for all who listen.

As Osmani Garcia continues to push boundaries and explore new musical directions, his vibrant melodies and uplifting rhythms serve as a reminder of the power of music to unite cultures and transcend boundaries. With his undeniable talent and unwavering positivity, Garcia remains a true inspiration in the industry, bringing light and happiness to his ever-growing fan base.

Catch the full interview with Osmani Garcia below.

Your collaboration with Julian Marley, “Summer Love,” showcases a blend of reggae and Cuban music. What was the inspiration behind this collaboration? The inspiration behind this collaboration was my wife Laura as we are fans of Marley brothers and his father. And she did the art direction for the music video. A song I dedicate to her to maintain our love is always up. 

How do you get into a creative headspace when writing music?
I like to write songs after 10pm. It is my best moment; I get into my studio in the house and go inside my mind and the magic is created.

Your music often carries a carefree and uplifting spirit. How do you infuse your songs with such positive energy?
My goal in my life is to make the world a happier place through my music and I love to do songs that causes happiness and eliminates stress.

How do you feel your Cuban heritage has influenced your sound?
Rumba is the base of all my songs, I have my roots presented in each song.

Is there a dream collaboration you have in mind, and why would that be meaningful to you?
With Ricardo Arjona. He was one of the singers that has inspired me to write music.

How has it been collaborating with Reggae royalty Julian Marley? Can you share a story you have while working with him? Julian Marley is very humble and is a genius in front of the microphone. I have enjoyed with a lot of honor and happiness all these days and the friendship and brotherhood we have created.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are looking to break into the industry and create a unique sound of their own?
To tell all their stories through
their music.

What can your fans expect from your upcoming projects, and are there any new musical directions or collaborations that you are excited to explore in the future?
I have an upcoming collaboration coming with Busy Signal and also Sean Paul that I’m looking forward too. And many new music and new songs!

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes Osmani Garcia strikingly different?  
What makes me different is being myself and count my own life experience and stories throughout my life. Every person has their own unique existence and story to tell. I’m still writing mine.

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