Paramount+ and NTERTAIN Premiere Thalía’s Docu-Series “Mixtape: El Soundtrack de Mi Vida”

Thalía, the Queen of Latin Pop, has teamed up with Paramount+ and NTERTAIN to premiere her docu-series “Mixtape: El Soundtrack de Mi Vida.” The eight-part series takes viewers on a journey through Thalía’s life and career, highlighting the music that has defined her along the way.

The series follows Thalía as she revisits her childhood in Mexico City, where she first discovered her love of music. From there, she takes us on a tour of her rise to fame in the 1990s, when she became a global sensation with hits like “Amor a la Mexicana” and “Piel Morena.”

But “Mixtape” isn’t just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Thalía also shares the stories behind some of her more recent hits, including collaborations with artists like Maluma, Natti Natasha, and Mau y Ricky. Through it all, Thalía’s passion for music is evident, and viewers will gain a new appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve success in the industry.

In addition to the music, “Mixtape” also provides a glimpse into Thalía’s personal life, with appearances from her husband Tommy Mottola and their children. We see Thalía balancing her career with motherhood, and the challenges she faces in trying to juggle it all.

The series is a must-watch for fans of Thalía and Latin pop music, but it also offers something for anyone interested in the inner workings of the music industry. Thalía’s insights and experiences provide a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed as an artist, and the docu-series is sure to inspire aspiring musicians and fans alike.

“Mixtape: El Soundtrack de Mi Vida” is available now on Paramount+. With its compelling storytelling, engaging music, and captivating visuals, this docu-series is sure to be a hit with audiences around the world.


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