Paula Deanda: Glowing and Growing

Paula Deanda is doing what everyone wants to do in 2021, which is glow and grow. 

The singer-songwriter has opened a brand new chapter as an independent artist and loves every minute of it. “Right now, I feel like I’m kind of in a good situation because I’ve now made that fanbase, and I’m just continuing to grow,” Deanda said. 

The singer spoke on her experience of being signed in the past to Arista offshoot J Records where she released her debut album released in the summer of that same year in 2006 and is gracious that she can have fans from the past and present. 

“With my old music nowadays, people are like, “wow, I’ve never heard this song,” and some people are like, “are you crazy? Have you been living under a rock? Like this is my favorite song, it’s been here for years” It’s like the best of both worlds, to be honest,” she said.

As she dives into this new musical chapter, she emphasizes how important it is for her supporters to feel her music in every aspect. “As long as it’s touching them, that’s my goal: to touch people,” she said.

Her life philosophy, which she has tattooed on her “Sí Se Puede,” which means “you can do it,” encourages her not to be afraid of anything that life throws at her.

Photography by Willy Dade
Hair and Makeup by Paula Deanda
Wardrobe by Missy Empire

As Paula is facing her new journey, she discusses what is next for her music. “What I want to focus on is an album,” she said. “I get inspired when I’m in the studio. I just had a call today, and they’re gonna get me in with some new writers, so I’m excited to work with new people.”

She also embraced being able to use her platform for good as a woman of color and use her voice to speak out about specific issues within the industry.

“I feel like right now it’s more about unity, like how can I bridge gaps between any kind of things going on,” she said.  As she dives into the importance of bridging the gap, she is adamant about breaking the barriers of being put into a box. 

Photography by Willy Dade
Hair and Makeup by Paula Deanda
Wardrobe by Missy Empire

“The fact that I’m Latina and I love to sing r&b it always leaves people like, huh?” she said. “I feel like when I first got signed, I wanted to prove to people that I could do r&b, I could sing in English and it would be just as good if I were to sing in Spanish.” 

Paula Deanda is in the right direction when it comes to focusing on her legacy. With dream collabs like Maluma, Kiana Lede, and Ella Mai, she has an excellent foundation for success.

My name is Kenyatta Victoria, a budding entertainment journalist ready to tell stories for the voiceless and underrepresented.


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