Photos of Contrast Magazine’s Latin Music Week Event Honoring Reggaeton Pioneer Ivy Queen

During Latin Music Week, Contrast Magazine hosted a special celebration at Palace South Beach, in Miami, to honor reggaeton icon Ivy Queen. This exclusive gathering attracted industry insiders, music enthusiasts, and advocates, offering a vibrant homage to Latin music and LGBTQ advocacy. Notable figures from the Latin music scene attended, such as Ivy Queen, Matt Paris, Yng Lvcas, Andrekza, Bodine, Nohemy, Geezly, Javiielo, Aaantonio and more uniting to celebrate Ivy Queen’s contributions to the genre and her support for the LGBTQ community.

The event’s highlight was the presentation of the Contrast Award for LGBTQ Advocacy to Ivy Queen, recognizing her efforts in promoting inclusivity and supporting queer youth. Michael Narain, founder of Out My Closet, presented the award, emphasizing the impact of advocacy and the importance of visibility within the entertainment industry. Contrast Magazine’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was evident, showcasing its mission to spotlight diverse talent and cultural icons. Produced by Contrast Publishing’s Michael D. Monroe, the event underscored the magazine’s role in celebrating and advocating for Latin music and its artists.

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