Quincy Talks “Power Book III,” “Q Side B Side” EP, Being Inspired and More

Whether he’s on set acting, appearing in Beyoncé’s Ivy Park campaign, or focusing on his music career, Quincy is a force to be reckoned with and is here to stay.

Last year, Quincy released the visuals for his single, “Jetty,” which was self-directed alongside Roomy Poulard. The single was a part of his EP, “Q Side B Side.” The EP was a play-on of his two sides as a Gemini. The project also features six R&B-infused tracks and was meant to showcase Quincy as a recording artist, musical sound, and his two sides as a Gemini. “Q Side B Side” features six R&B-infused tracks with global elements, which include the following songs: “To You,” “Mosaic,” “It’s Scary Outside… Call me,” “Another Day Another Lesson,” “Face Off and “Biggest Investment.” Quincy also collaborated with Harmony Samuels, known as H-Money. H-Money has worked with Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Brandy, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Ciara and many more.

Sporting confidence, insight, and gratitude along with his signature bright colors, vivid prints, and braids on top, Quincy Brown is giving his fans much to admire. His versatility as an actor (see him in the 
Power series), model, and singer/songwriter come from hard work, love for what he does, and a positive approach to his world. He wants to be happy and will do what he wants to make it so.

If you are paying attention to media outlets, you will note his far reach and the interest among us all to get to know this talented 30-year-old member of a musical family. We caught up with him for a check-in on what he is thinking about. We caught up with him briefly to help spread the word.

Upon the release of new music, ‘Q Side B Side,’ the EP, and single, ‘Jetty,’ the singer and actor proved to the world that he can hold his own in a family known for its talents. Among his family are his mom Kim Porter, Diddy, and Al B. Sure. Quincy Jones is an elder relative. His brothers are Justin Combs and King “Christian” Combs. He also has two twin sisters. Adopted by Diddy at a young age, he used to be estranged from his biological father. There has since been a mending of things with Quincy even portraying a character like his bio dad on the Starz Power series.

Born into this musical legacy, Quincy shared with us his insights. Coming with the heat of successes like the Starz series Power with 50 Cent, Star, and an EP, this young star has turned many heads. With 4.6M followers, he is on the rise with his eclectic rap/R&B and mix of genres. His acting career is taking off, with new leading roles in the works. Ambitious from a young age, Quincy excelled growing up. He really enjoyed the arts and athletics.

One of the places Quincy holds dear is New York City. He was born in New York and raised between Georgia with his grandmother, and Central Park North with his mother, Kim Porter. It was on 110th Street that Quincy would learn to ride bikes on his own. It was high school that brought Quincy out to Los Angeles.

The creative process behind everything Quincy does is his passion. He sees the term “music” as something broad because there is so much “consumption” out there in the airwaves. So many artists from different backgrounds and different approaches to their sound. “I was always playing around until I wasn’t. I think that consists of like mimicking artists, or just mimicking songs, or turning songs into funny songs,” says Quincy. “Like how people replace lyrics like a freestyle. I had a lot of that with my cousins. It was inspiring for us.”

“The music I make is very eclectic. From rap to R&B, to pop, I’m all that in one. Eclectic describes the feel. I’m into shifting moods. Shifting how you feel from listening.”

The Power actor’s advice for other creatives in entertainment is the industry is a “love/hate place if you don’t do it correctly. A lot of people don’t know what they’re signing up for.” He says that a lot of time people put in tiring work, but most times don’t reap the benefits. “As far as music, don’t hold onto stuff. You want to show your growth as an artist. You’re actually on a journey. It’s about how much work you put out.”

Quincy still sees himself as just starting out. “Now that I’m really starting, it’s good to step outside my comfort zone.”

Being the eclectic artist that Quincy is, he pulls inspiration from all corners of the entertainment world, crediting Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheerhan, Cool and the Gang, Usher, and more as inspiration. “Then there’s Craig David, Ty Dolla $ign, Kranium, and Jonah Hill. And for sure, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, and Will Smith. Ludacris is my favorite rapper.”

When asked what he has learned from 50 Cent while filming the hit Starz series Power, he claimed to not learn anything, but rather be inspired by “what he’s doing.” Quincy said 50 Cent is “the king of going against the grain.”

taying grounded and focused has always been a stand-out characteristic of Quincy’s. “I was raised right. It’s almost like asking why am I me?”

Quincy will never lose the nature of the game; he just shifts his energies.


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