RichMusic’s Youngest Shining Star Thyago Talks New EP Journey, Me Extrañas + More with Contrast News

RichMusic’s youngest up-and-coming artist Thyago is pleasing his fans with the release of his highly anticipated EP titled Journey. His two recent singles “Fancy” featuring PEKEÑO77 and “Me Extrañas” featuring G Sony have been receiving tons of positive feedback. The songs demonstrate his individual style and quality in his voice. While “Fancy” is a sensual reggaeton, “Me Extrañas” is a trap record that once again proves how versatile Thyago is.

From rhythms of the urban genre, ballads, and international sounds, this EP explores the perfect combination of passion and emotion. “It took a lot of practice and eagerness to get to this place in my career,” said Thyago.

While many might consider him an overnight star, Thyago has been working on his craft since he was thirteen years old. “I would post my covers on Facebook, and eventually they started going viral,” he said. Along with singing, Thyago would also play notes on his guitar.

With all that Thyago has experienced these past years, it was only right for him to share his ‘journey’ through his music. “Journey is a before and after in my artistic life. Perseverance has helped me get here and these songs reflect and transmit my path from Argentina to Miami, hand in hand with RichMusic,” said Thyago.

The EP is set to be a conceptual passage through his history and dreams, which will allow fans to get a better understanding of his artistry. Journey features a Side A and a Side B, totaling ten new tracks altogether. “This is my first big project… it’s very special to me,” said Thyago.

It’s no secret that his discipline and determination has played a role in his success. Thyago has over 500,000 followers across his digital platforms and 2 million views on YouTube. “I think my organic following comes from my lyrics. I write my music… I like to be very involved with everything and I think the fans truly connect with that,” he said.

We hope the world is ready for more Thyago because he’s just getting started!


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