Shiadanni Talks Highly Anticipated EP ‘Facing the Mirror,’ Viral TikTok Success and More

Singer-songwriter Shiadanni is having quite the year. Her highly anticipated EP Facing the Mirror has been released and she’s received nothing but positive feedback. “Creating this project was very therapeutic for me,” she said.

The six track EP is about facing and accepting yourself; the good, the bad, and the ugly. “The pandemic lockdown really inspired this project. I was forced to be alone with my thoughts and had the time to reflect on who I am, what I wanted to sound like…,” she said. 

Shiadanni prides herself in making music that she truly enjoys and not for the approval of others. “With this EP I had to stop caring about what the outcome would be and just follow my intuition,” she said. With over four million followers on Tik Tok, the viral recording artist has fans from all over the world. “I don’t want to record music just for a Tik Tok dance or some social media challenge… I want people to actually feel something,” she said.

Her success on Tik Tok started just a few years ago. “I would post random videos of me singing to the fridge, singing to the trash can… and that’s when my page truly started to grow,” said Shiadanni. On her Tik Tok, she’s well known for having created a character ‘Shiadiva.’ “I was having a creative process where I was focusing on my music and inner confidence… and through that time that’s when Shiadiva was born,” she said. 

Whether she’s on Tik Tok making millions laugh or singing her heart out on a song, Shiadanni is undeniably talented. “People may not know but I also love being involved in the creative direction of my music videos,” she said. The videos for her singles
Penny Pills and Velvet World have over 100k views altogether on YouTube. “It’s very personal for me. When I make a song I immediately start thinking of what the music video will look like,” she said. 

With all of her success, Shiadanni can’t wait to see what the future holds. “I just want to keep making music forever. I want to keep being a creative person and continue to grow and learn,” she said. Though her life is so fast paced, she’s working on enjoying the moment and being more present. “I’m learning to just relax and enjoy what I have. It can get tricky when you’re always on go mode,” she said. 

Shiadanni is continuously working on new music and we can’t wait to hear what she’ll release next!


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